What Does Nutrisystem For Men Entail?

Some men simply don’t have enough time on their hands to spend hours in the gym working out. Others, despite having the time, are simply not up to the sweaty challenge. Workouts aside, dieting is not such an enticing proposition for many men either. The tedious task of keeping track of the calories in their diet is simply too much of a hustle.

With packed schedules, or simply without the motivation to put so much effort into fitness and healthy diets, men are left with few alternatives. That is why Nutrisystem is a godsend for these men – it is affordable, effective, and easy to use. Losing weight and leading healthier lives is so easy with this diet program.

Nutrisystem Meal Delivery Plans
Nutrisystem delivers ready meals that don’t even need to be refrigerated. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about portion control and calorie requirements because that is already considered before the meals are delivered.

So, however, busy you are, these meals will still be a huge convenience. It also takes away the issue of having to decide what meal to eat at a particular time since you will have plenty of choices to work with while using Nutrisystem.

Nutrisystem Leads to Faster Weight Loss for Men
Men have an upper hand when it comes to losing weight because they lose it much faster. This adds to the effectiveness of the Nutrisystem weight loss diets considerably, making it an obvious choice for men who want to lose excess weight.

For one, men have a higher metabolism due to the greater amount of muscle in their bodies. A higher metabolic rate means a faster calorie consumption rate; which translates into faster weight loss.

Consequently, you just have to eat the right diet foods and watch as the pounds melt away. You might even find yourself eating bigger portions than you did with other weight loss diets and still lose weight; without spending any time in the gym.

Women’s bodies are predisposed to storing fat due to the higher levels of estrogen in their body. The fat is needed for childbearing. Men have a higher amount of testosterone in them, and this hormone promotes muscle development, and muscle uses up more energy, making their bodies less likely to have any excess fat to store up.

In other words, it does not take as much effort to lose weight as a man. That is why a diet like Nutrisystem is such a convenience for men who need to lose weight passively.

Nutrisystem as a Diet Plan for Men
Nutrisystem is well thought out to ensure that it can be used by many kinds of weight watchers. There are meals intended for teens, teens, diabetics, and even people with heart issues. The system also takes into consideration the gender-based dietary requirements of the user.

In particular, men using Nutrisystem foods can eat plenty of food and still consume just 1500 calories a day. With this diet, you should lose about 1 to 2 pounds each week, without a noticeable change to the meal portions you consume.

Nutrisystem Food Choices
Even though it offers healthy foods, Nutrisystem also offers delicious meals that include pancakes, granola cereal, delicious muffins, meatballs and the like.

Nutrisystem’s Lean 13 for Men
Men can lose weight faster with Nutrisystem through its Lean 13 for Men program. The first 7 days of the program (Turbo Takeoff) are designed to make a bigger impact to your weight loss journey by giving you:

– a week of special meals
– a week of protein and probiotic TurboShakes
– a week of NutriCrush, which destroys hunger by giving you fiber that makes you feel fuller

From there, you follow the typical Nutrisystem diet program for men to maintain your weight loss.

You can even lost 13 pounds over the first month with the Lean 13 program. And your journey to a healthier weight can go on from there.