Unraveling Bruno Fagali’s Legal Career

Bruno Jorge Fagali is among the rising Brazilian lawyers that are trying to incorporate a new aspect to the nation’s legal system. The lawyer has achieved an unprecedented reputation following his vast knowledge and extensive legal experience in administrative law.

Since 2006, Fagali has engaged himself in numerous law disciplines by practicing in many law firms. Currently, he owns Fagali Advocacy firm where he practices independently and serves as Nova/SB’s corporate manager in integrity.

Bruno Fagali graduated with a bachelor’s degree in law from the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo in 2009. He also specialized in administrative law from the same institution in 2012. He later did masters in state law at the University of Sao Paulo in 2017. Bruno’s skills include state law, administrative law, and parliamentary law.

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Bruno Fagali started the Fagali Advocacy with the objective of combining the in-depth knowledge of its group members to act with the utmost commitment to the areas of interest to its clients. The law firm has a highly specialized team that majors in public law, advertising law, compliance, as well as electoral and parliamentary laws. The company guarantees of absolute dedication and commitment to the defense of its clients’ interests in a bid to maintain its high standard of excellence. The defense process is in a responsible, attentive, ethical, modern, and personalized way. The institution also offers differentiated legal services to those who are different and seeking to remain so.

Bruno Fagali has a reputation of legal professionalism and integrity. Being a specialized attorney Bruno Fagali displays his expertise in handling bidding law, civil law, popular actions, civil actions, and administrative contracts. The attorney dedicates himself to cleaning up the effects of corruption regarding public funds. Bruno Fagali assists corporates in initiating drives that would bring transparency to the organizations.

Bruno Fagali helped Nova/SB build an ethics committee. He is the manager in charge of integrity within this organization. He helped perform a specialized training to the company’s employees regarding completeness. Bruno Fagali is still an active associate of the Brazilian Institute of Law and Corporate Ethics and has membership in the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics.

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