The Growth Journey of OSI Group

OSI Group is one of the private enterprises in the USA that has been operating for over a century. It first started in the food sector in 1909. The founders or OSI, who were immigrants from Germany, first named the business Otto’s Meat Market. the name has been changing over the years to Otto & Sons (1928), and OSI Industries (1975). The development of its international operations in recent years prompted the management to change it to OSI Group. The company has achieved great success in supplying food restaurant chains with chicken items, pizza, hot dogs, fish products, salsa, vegetables among others.

Its association with food retailers has been the backbone to growing the business from local to international operations. Among these partnerships, is one with McDonald’s which was established in 1955 when OSI Group was operating under the name Otto & Sons. It was at the time when the McDonald’s was starting out under the leadership of its owner, Ray Kroc. Their partnership has lasted for more than six decades. It other partners are Burger King, Papa John’s to mention few.

The company’s focus on becoming the leading supplier is the reason for its current achievements. With operations running in 17 countries now, its future is promising. OSI Industries has built facilities in some of the countries within the Americas, Europe, and Asia. So far, the number of its workforce is at 20,000 an is expected to continue growing as the company expands. One of the core strengths of OSI Group is that it has achieved consistency and standardized its food safety endeavors in all its locations.

The other aspect that has supported its growth is having a good relationship with the people in the communities where its operations are situated. It engages in undertaking to support environmental sustainability and participates in charities that are focused on creating a positive impact on the people within the communities.

The management of OSI Group has recently initiated various projects that are expected to grow the business further. They have acquired international food companies such as Flagship Europe and Baho Food. They expanded the processing capacity in Spain and acquired a processing plant within the state of Chicago.

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