The medical field has for a long time been viewed in terms of whitewashed walls with lots of formalities. This has made many to fear seeking medical attention especially if the issue is minor. This trend is slowly shedding off, at least if you ask Dr. Mark McKenna. The medical doctor has come up with a cosmetic services boutique which serves to eliminate the hospital formalities and make medical institutions friendly.

The cosmetic service boutique has been named as OVME. Pronounced as ‘of me,’ the service is meant to make procedures at health institutions simpler. The OVME clinics are friendly enough, and patients feel free to visit them as compared to hospitals. Attending the clinics is like visiting the salon since the usual formalities have been set aside without reducing the quality of services. Patients are expected to visit the clinics and discuss all their health complications freely.

Dr. Mark McKenna, the founder of the clinic, is a professional in the field. It is for sure therefore that the invention is also advantageous to doctors. This is because it is expected to drive a higher demand in the clinics. OVME deals majorly with the face, body, overall wellness and specific treatments for men. Dr. Mark McKenna is a firm believer of change and insists that to make money in the medical field; there is the need for newer inventions.

Technology is also changing fast, and every new invention should be based on the most recent technologies and the new platform by Dr. Mark McKenna is not an exception. The vision of the innovation incorporates a mobile app since smartphones are currently all over the place. Through the application, the patient will enjoy the convenience of video consultation. Also, depending on the case, some procedures will require a home visit. This adds more to the satisfaction of the patient.

In a nutshell, the medical field still requires a lot of research to ensure that it serves patients well. The innovation by Dr. Mark McKenna is just but an eye-opener. People will undoubtedly marvel at the invention since it is friendly enough.


Dr. Mark McKenna Making House Calls With Botox Treatments

Dr. Mark McKenna realized while still a medical school student at Tulane University that making a lot of money as a physician would be a difficult endeavor. He shocked more than a few people in his life in 1999 when after graduating from medical school he opted to go in business for himself in the field of real estate.

The Hurricane Katrina tragedy that took place in New Orleans, where Dr. Mark McKenna had set up his business, caused him to lose millions of dollars practically overnight. Dr. McKenna would rebuild his real estate business but would soon move to Atlanta where he founded a new business venture. This was a chain of offices that treated patients with a variety of cosmetic procedures that include using lasers to remove unwanted hair, botox injections, and counseling to help manage weight with nutrition.

The latest business venture for Dr. Mark McKenna is OVME. Dr. McKenna’s vision is a national chain performing cosmetic procedures that make use of an app that customers will be able to use similar to Uber to order Botox treatments. The work will be done by freelancers who will make on-demand house calls.

OVME will also work in tandem with the Make A Wish Foundation to raise money that makes it possible for the dreams of children with potentially life-threatening illnesses to come true. The foundation will receive a portion of all proceeds received for goods and services by OVME.

Dr. Mark McKenna says that his idea for OVME centers around the fact that despite the great brand recognition that Botox enjoys, there is no retail outlet or service provider with which patients can identify the procedure. He goes on to explain that with OVME, the emphasis has been shifted to giving the customer a great experience.

Dr. McKenna says he will find physicians willing to work both in office and make house calls by looking to industry trade shows and groups for plastic surgeons.