Steve Lesnard Feels the Product Marketing Pulse of the Public

Steve Rene Lesnard was born on July 22, 1974 in Paris, France. Lesnard has a Paris and Corsica dual citizenship. The general manager of Nike Global Running was one of three children. During his childhood, Lesnard became passionate about sports.

Steve Lesnard finished business school in France where he focused on studying business and entrepreneurship. Lesnard received his MBA in entrepreneurship at Babson College in Wellesley, Mass, in the United States.

After receiving his Master’s degree, Steve Lesnard accepted a position at Wolford luxury fashion as their marketing director. Lesnard headed initiatives to open many retail stores across North America, promoting the Wolford name. A short time later, Lesnard moved to the West Coast for employment. Lesnard found a job in global sports marketing. He worked in line planning. seasonal product creation. Lesnard is proud to be a product manager. He signed some professional winter Olympics athletes that include snowboarder gold medalists at Nagno Olympics. The experience introduced Lesnard to a new career in the sports world that he has held for the past two decades. Lesnard ran many Olympic marketing campaigns, including the elite athletes. Lesnard heads many women’s and running sports categories. Work in the sports product line represents a large and informative part of his life.

Steve Lesnard is no stranger to McKinsey Institute report. The report states that data-driven companies have 23 times more of a chance to get more customers and are six times more likely to retain these customers. Lesnard is well-versed in technology growth. Customers are the ones in control, the ones who know what they want. Customers seek out brands that manufacture the products they want. Technology is the key. Sports has transformed the lives of many people. Many celebrities are proud to represent the products to the public. Lesnard has a big future in sports product lines.

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