Quick Link Marketing Under The Direction Of Krishen Iyer

Managed Benefits Services, formerly Quick Link Marketing, is a Carlsbad, Califonia based company specializing in connecting health and dental insurance companies in need of marketing expertise with online lead generation companies. The company was founded by Krishen Iyer to fill a need that existed at the time in an untapped market. Using skills he perfected as a graduate of San Diego State University with a degree in public administration and urban development, Iyer used his online skills to bring the two industries together to meet unique marketing needs, benefiting both businesses.




Krishen Iyer has shown his entrepreneurial skills in his use of technical development, cliant relations and digital marketing. Under his direction the company has now developed a promising new multi-layer platform that they believe will further benefit clients. A new dimension in the form of insurance consulting has also been added to the company. When asked about the success of the company Iyer states “Advanced techniques in data collection and analysis have allowed us to develop very precise strategies for growth, and this level of precision reduces risk while enhancing the strategy’s likelihood of efficacy.”




Known to be an avid supporter of community organizations and continuing efforts to maintain local parks with clean-up efforts despite his busy schedule interfacing with clients and overseeing business operations and advancement, Krishen Iyer also contributes to a number of global organizations. When asked about his failures and successes he purports that in his view there are really no failures if you learn from setbacks and continue to move forward. Life is a learning experience and as long as one continues to progress in business or personal life there really are only successes, not failures. He brings this attitude into all he does and the results show that this approach to matters works well.