How good is your dog food?

Dog owners in their concern and love for their pets are looking more closely to what goes into the food they feed their dogs. People are moving toward premium foods that are more closely in nature to the foods they choose for themselves. Manufacturers have taken this to heart and offer different foods for each stage in a dog’s life or major concern areas like weight. Within the industry, the regulations on dog food have been tightened since 2007. This is to ensure that ingredients that may be harmful to dogs are kept out of the market.

Purina’s Beneful is very committed to the safety and nutritional value in the dog food that they offer consumers. The ingredients within Beneful are carefully sourced and tested both before production and after production. PurinaStore keeps a tight quality control of the source ingredients and the finished product. Dog health and well-being is a primary concern to the point that they have several Ph.D. in animal nutrition working to make sure that Beneful is good for a dog’s health and well-being.

The sales and production of premium dog food has soared because of this concern for pets having food that is a quality product and nutritious. According to Giammona (2015) this has caused premium dog foods to account for more than half of the market. This is triggering all pet food manufacturers to step things up and provide healthier offerings to meet the growing needs of consumers who are looking for the best foods for their pets.

Beneful’s Nutrition Research team works to ensure that everything within their product is there for a reason. This team includes immunologists, nutritionists, and biochemists so that they fully understand how the nutrients function in the body and the roles they play. The quality and care that is put into the production of Beneful is because these same people feed Beneful to their own dogs.


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Stephen Murray: Former President and Chief Executive Officer of CCMP Capital.

Stephen “Steve” P. Murray (August 2, 1962 – Walk 12, 2015) was a private value financial specialist and giver. He was president and CEO of CCMP Capital, a private value firm that concentrates on buyout and development value exchanges.


Murray moved on from Boston School in 1984 with a degree in economics. In 1989, he earned his graduate degree in the business organization from Columbia Business College.


In 1984, Murray turned out to be a piece of the credit examiner preparing program at Makers Hanover Company. In 1989, he joined MH Value Company on Wall Street, which consolidated Producers Hanover’s private value bunch with its utilized money unit. Makers Hanover was bought by Concoction Bank in 1991, and MH Value converged with Compound Endeavor Accomplices. Compound Bank converged with Pursue Manhattan Enterprise in 1996, and Substance Wander Accomplices got to be Pursue Capital Accomplices In 2005, Murray got to be head of buyout business at JP Morgan Accomplices. Murray helped to establish CCMP Capital, a spinout of JP Morgan Pursue, which contained the buyout and development value group of its private value bunch, in August 2006. In 2007, he was named Chief of CCMP.

Murray served on the leading body of significant organizations including Aramark, Generac Power Frameworks, AMC Excitement, Warner Chilcott, The Vitamin Shoppe, Cabela’s, Zenith Nourishments, and Legacy Healing facility Accomplices.


Murray upheld the Make-A-Wish Establishment of Metro New York, Boston School, the Nourishment Bank of Lower Fairfield Province, Stamford Exhibition Hall, and Columbia Business College. He was bad habit administrator of the leading group of trustees at Boston School and a part on the director’s board of the Make a Wish Establishment of Metro New York

As a worldwide private value firm, CCMP Capital Counselors, LLC has put over $16 billion in buyout and development value exchanges after 1984. CCMP Capital influences the joined qualities of its restrictive working assets and industry mastery to put resources into four focused on parts:

• Consumer/Retail

• Industrial

• Healthcare

• Chemicals/Vitality

Through dynamic administration and its effective worth creation model, CCMP Capital’s group has built up a notoriety for being a world-class speculation accomplice


Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is a worldwide private value firm spend significant time in buyout and development value interests in North America and Europe in four focused on commercial enterprises. In an organization with extraordinary administration groups, we influence the joined qualities of our proprietary working assets and profound industry aptitude to drive organization development and operational effectiveness.

The name CCMP mirrors the association’s legacy associations:

Substance Wanders

Pursue Capital

Producers Hanover Capital/J.P. Morgan


CCMP Capital started operations as an autonomous firm in August 2006. The association’s speculation experts keep on dealing with the private value arrangement of J.P. Morgan Ac

Quality and Good Taste Is Beneful Tastes

While I was watching my puppies playing, I start to think about the day that I brought them home. Our house was so quiet and lonely before Jose and Jocko came to live with us. Our children were grown and married. They no longer were there in the house daily making noise and keeping things alive. Getting these two dogs brought life back into my soul. How could I ever think about feeding them anything but healthy food. I got online and began to look for the healthiest foods on the market. I ran across this article, The article is talking about premium dog foods and the predicted increases in dog food sales. As i read on, i learn about the guy that actually tasted the food to prove that the dog food was good enough for human consumption. Because the food is going to be made of more nutritious ingredients, this food will be flying off the shelf. Anyone that loves their pets as much as i do will certainly pay the extra few pennies to get real meats and veggies for their family members. Beneful was the first puppy food that my dogs ever ate. I did research and found that Beneful dog food was pure and easy for my boys to digest. Real chicken and rice for them. only the best for my sons. If you love your pets, you will want them to have the best available. Beneful by Purina is one of the best foods available. It has formulas for all types of dogs. Puppy formula, adult dog formulas, overweight dog formulas, and wonderful treats. Dog food that is soft is so much like strips of chicken or beef soaking in delicious gravy. these can versions are the perfect food for picky puppies. Puppies that prefer foods more like ours will love the Beneful can premium food choices. If you want to learn more about the new pet foods that will be coming on the market soon, check out the article above. These foods are promising to give pets foods good enough for human consumption but made for pets needs and nutrition. Pet foods of quality and good taste are coming soon.

Skout Leads the Way For Social Media Apps

Parents are finding out a lot about social media apps, and most of what they are finding out comes by way of their children. Apps are changing all the time, and kids are always moving from one social media app to another just as one gets hot. This is why most parents get their information from their kids. Some apps fade away, while others grow hotter and hotter.

This is the case with apps like Skout. In the past couple of years Skout has become the premiere site for people that want to date, make new friends and connect with associates that can lead them to that next big job opportunity. The Internet is filled with cool sites like Skout, but this site has managed to stand out because it has a lot of users. There are millions of people around the globe that are linked to Skout. That makes it an app that connects friends and lovers on a global level.

Skout is an app that is popular with the young adults and teenagers. It has features that give you the ability to chat with random people. It is also very easy to build up an online friendship with people because there are so many users to connect with. People that are connecting to Skout will find that there are locals that they can meet for dating. There are also lots of people that join the site to make friends. This is the most common thing for teenagers, but there are some adults that sign up for networking purposes.

WhatsApps is another app that has become popular in recent years. This has become one of the best resources for people that want to communicate with friends in real time. There is also a notification feature on the app that lets you know when your friends are logged in. Users can set up the notification with a sound effect that lets users know when someone is online without even taking the phone out of their pocket. Many people enjoy this app because they can leave a message for a friend to view later. This is a heighten form of privacy that is a lot more secure than simply sending a text message.

People that like security for the messages that they send will also appreciate Snap Chat. This is a social media app that allows people to send messages that are deleted forever after a certain time period. That is something that has become more popular with teens because people do not like to have a message trail of things that they have said in the past. This app is very popular with teenagers that are constantly sending text messages.

Nicki Minaj Asked To Cancel Concert by Human Rights Foundation

Unitel corporation booked Nicki Minaj to perform a private concert. But, Unitel is owned by José Eduardo dos Santos, the President of Angola. And according to the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Organization, he is a terrible dictator. Therefore, in a published open letter, the Human Rights Foundation urged Nicki Minaj to do the right thing and embarrass the tin pot despot by canceling her show there.

What they actually said was, “the payment you are receiving from your Angolan sponsors is the result of government corruption and human rights violations… During their brutal three decade authoritarian rule, the dos Santos family has exploited Angola’s diamond and oil wealth to amass an illegitimate fortune while maintaining control over all branches of the government, the military, and civil society. Dos Santos has made it his policy to harass, imprison, or kill politicians, journalists, and activists who protest his rule.”

Human Rights Foundation was started in 2005 by Thor Halvorssen, an avid film producer, champion of human rights, author, and activist. His first experiences with activism were in South Africa during his fight against the racist apartheid government in 1989. He knows first hand the effects of failing to protect human rights. Thor Halvorssen’s own father had been viciously tortured and beaten in a prison in Venezuela, and he was actually a high ranking official; an ambassador, falsely arrested! Also, his family has been threatened and terrorized by the government security thugs. It took a great deal of effort by Amnesty International to get Mr. Halvorssen free.

So, Nicki Minaj’s performance became international news gossip. Based on the buzz, her branded product sales have done great for her overall profit margin. But now some very serious people asked that she give up a sale. What did she do? She loaded up her band and backup singers and flew to Angola, Africa. She left her boyfriend in Philly.

Why Get Specialty Attorneys in New York

Hiring a lawyer to represent you in legal situations is always a good call. It is best to have a lawyer that specializes in a particular area of practice to represent you. For instance, if you have a family case, and need legal representation, find a family attorney in New York. There are several reasons to pick a specialty lawyer.


For one, a lawyer that specializes in certain types of cases will provide you with unparalleled expertise. Such a lawyer has handled family cases for years and will, therefore, have an exceptional grasp of how those kinds of situations work. They will know who to talk to and what moves to make. You can count on a lawyer who has been dealing with consumer cases for years to know the best strategies to use. A lawyer that has spent a chunk of his or her career specializing in a particular field has an endless wealth of information in hand.

Understanding of the Legal Process

A specialty lawyer also understands the legal processes exhaustively. The laws of New York State concerning individual cases vary widely. If you have a case involving entertainment law, for instance, you have to find a lawyer such as Ross Abelow, who has dealt with such issues. Such a lawyer will understand the legal requirements in entertainment law that are usually very complex. The entertainment field is vast and multifaceted; with matters of contracts, copyrights, business, and others. A lawyer like Ross Abelow, who knows how the entertainment industry in New York works suits you best in such legal matters.

If you want representation in your divorce case, then Ross Abelow knows just how to go about it. Since the expert has dealt with similar cases like those in the past, he will ensure that both parties get fairly treated. He also has a clear comprehension of separation of assets in New York. If your case does end up in court, your lawyer will handle it excellently since it is not a new situation for him.

No matter how small your case may seem, it is advisable to get a lawyer that specializes in such matters. So many things could potentially go wrong with a case, and you have to be sure that you are ready. A lawyer like Ross Abelow will provide you the representation you need for entertainment, family, divorce, and consumer cases in New York. The legal specialist specializes in particular cases, and will offer you the advantage you need to emerge triumphant.

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Is Premium Dog Food Worth The Premium Price?

Visiting a pet store for a bag of dog food is not a simple task. After walking down a long aisle of dry dog food, with bags piled floor to ceiling, I found that I had dozens of choices. All I wanted was a bag of dry food for an adult dog, something that was healthy and appetizing, but it took me 30 minutes to decide. After reading a Daily Herald article about premium dog food, I understood why my local store carries a seemingly array of dog food. Premium pet food is a $10.5 billion business in the United States. Am I a bad dog parent because I don’t buy my dog gourmet food with no artificial colors? After all, I eat foods with artificial colors and flavors, but I was starting to feel guilty after reading about pet owners who were so concerned about their dog’s health that they were willing to pay up to three times more for high-end dog food. Fortunately, the article mentioned Purina as one of the companies jumping into the prime pet food market. I felt relief because after my 30 minutes spent searching for the right dry dog food, I chose Purina Beneful dry with beef and real vegetables. My yellow lab Pete loves Beneful and know that he is getting all the nutrients he needs to stay healthy so I don’t feel guilty at all. I did a great deal of research and discovered that while there’s nothing wrong with paying top dollar for organic or grain-free dry dog food, it is not really necessary. I realized that it is more important to find a dry dog food made in the U.S. by a company that is meticulous about quality and safety; this perfectly describes Purina Beneful. I’ve found the best food for my dog; he absolutely loves the taste of Purina Beneful and I love that it is just as nutritious as more expensive brands mentioned in the article.

Making the Most of Your Money With New York City Real Estate

Since a decade, technology has played a major role in New York City apartments for sale business. There are many companies in the tech sector that are consuming a huge chunk of New York lands mainly because this is one area that is improving the city’s economy in an exponential rate. Some of the companies are worth mentioning – Metlife, Citigruop and Morgan Stanley – because a large portion of New York population works here. Overall, New York is one such city that has not only seen a significant increase in traffic but influx of people from other parts of the country due to it real estate potential as well.

TOWN Residential knows why New York will never lose its charm when it comes to properties. There has always been a growing demand for homes and businesses in this city because of the growing population. But one thing that is notable in the recent years is people’s inclination toward high-end residences and offices. As a result, offices have been converted into modern bespoke spaces with comfortable seating and equipment – quite different from what is used to be. New York residents are also embracing modern way of living in their homes which have compelled many real estate builders and investors invest money in giving modern touch to old neighborhoods near downtown and busy places.

As for TOWN Residential, this is one real estate company that has been actively participating in many real estate developments, seminars, selling and buying since its inception in 2010. This company is owned by Andrew Heiberger and Joseph Sitt who are experts and who have extensive knowledge and experience in the real estate field. The company also specializes in providing luxury homes and estates besides building apartments, houses, town-homes and commercial places. The excellence it has achieved over the years has become a standard for other investment companies to follow.

TOWN Residential is the top choice for many investors in the New York real estate business. The experts here give investors helpful advice that will not only enable them to do more with their money, but to move cautiously every time. This is one firm to approach if you are looking to buy a piece of New York real estate. It is also a great resource for busy people who want to secure their investment futures. In fact, it has combined trend, innovation and planning into a single unit to fulfill investors’ needs.

Jon Urbana’s Charity Fundraising Hits a New Level

Those who are connected into the world of lacrosse will know of the massive amounts of success of Jon Urbana at Next Level Lacrosse Camp. He has not only been a great figurehead in the world of lacrosse, but also in the world of internet business. There are many individuals that have achieved a great deal of success in the world of sports, but it is hard to also reach this same level of success in business as well. Jon Urbana had a great run in the world of Villanova lacrosse and created a great legacy in aviation that will live on for years to come.

Jon Urbana has recently started a Crowdrise campaign that is fundraising for charity. This money will go to the protection and adoption of animals without a home. Jon Urbana belies in helping animals that don’t have a voice for themselves. This is something that brings Jon Urbana a great sense of meaning and happiness, and the aim of these videos.

Jon Urbana has been for many years running his lacrosse summer camp successfully. He has been spreading the word of this fundraising opporutnity through his Facebook profile and summer camp, and is now reaching out to many other individuals on Slideshare to help in this cause.

The good that has been brought to the world from Jon Urbana’s music is great and vast. It is amazing to see how a profssional lacrosse player is able to transcend his role as an athlete and become a mentor for many in the younger generation. This legacy that Jon Urbana is leaving behind will not be forgotten by the many that have benefited from his great teaching and role model position. Follow him on Twitter at @jonurbana1 to help him meet his fundraising goal.

Quality Services and Products From Beneful

Beneful is a leading pet brand in the United States. Owned by Purina, it continues to offer some of the highest level of pet products and services anywhere in the country. Of course, with so many products it can be tricky to read in on all of them. That is why you should just check out a few of the different products and determine which one is best for you from there. It doesn’t matter if you own a cat or a dog, there is a quality product for you here.

Outside of food, rewarding a pet for a job well done and offering a small snack in between meals is a good idea. It keeps them healthy and happy while also providing a burst of energy when they need it most. Some of the treats can also help fight gum disease and keep their teeth looking great. With the help of the Beneful dog treats, there is something for every pet.

Healthy Smile Dental Ridges

The Beneful Healthy Smile Dental Ridges are tweets designed to work off the plaque that may stick to your pet’s teeth. The rigid design of the treats make it perfect as it cleans off the sides of the teeth as they chew. Plus, it is not a simple dog biscuit that is eaten like regular food. It does take some working and chewing. This way, a dog is essentially brushing their teeth as they chew. There are a few different designs of these treats, depending on the size of the met. There is a mini size, a small/medium and then a large.

Healthy Smiles Dental Twists

The twists of Beneful offer a slightly different take on the Dental Ridges. With the twists, it can work a different way around the teeth and it also has a nice, flavorful reward in the middle. This gives the dogs even more to look forward to while they eat.

Baked Delights

These are small little reward biscuits on that come with a variety of flavors. There is one beef and cheese and another that is bacon and cheese flavored. This way, the furry little friends have a snack they can receive for doing a trick or being a good little pup.

Baked Delights Stars

One of the newest releases of Beneful on facebook, this is a chicken and cheese flavored cookie designed to look like a star. It even uses real chicken and cheese as ingredients.