Skout and then get back in the game.

I have to admit, my world had gotten smaller as I got older. I lost many of my friends throughout the years from various ailments that they could not overcome. Some of these friends I had for thirty years or more before their untimely passing. In school, we were always the popular group, but life happens, and people move on. However, I really was not the move on type. I loved my friends, and I am sorely missing them. Life to me just is not fun at this stage. I never imagined my life without them, so now I have no plans that I feel are worth pursuing without them. I am not upset with this, and in some ways, I relish the thought of starting over, but this is a new world and adapting to the way that people meet these days is hard for me. I have had one relationship since my wife died, and it was not very fulfilling at all.

I waited until I felt the tug of loneliness before I dated again after my wife’s passing, so it took me almost five years after she was gone to enter that relationship. However, I found that I was dating a person that I barely knew. It was like going through the motions because I was lonely and not because I was genuinely interested in that person. This relationship lasted a while because both of us were lonely, and I did appreciate the company, but the relationship ended because of this lack of commonality. It was a shame for me because I felt that if we had time to get to know each other without having to pretend that we were happy in a relationship, we had a real chance of making it as a couple. It was just awkward with both of us being out of relationships for so long that it was bound to not work. I know it would have worked out because we are still good friends, I just wished that the friendship part would have come first.

One of my last remaining good buddies found a perfect match for himself. She is a very dynamic person, so I understand why he is so happy. Women always loved Jeff, so I thought that it was just him being himself, but after we talked, I understood differently. Jeff had actually met his wonderful companion via a digital app, Skout. I had been keeping away from dating sites due to the crazy reports that I was receiving from acquaintances that utilized dating sites. Additionally, most of these guys were petty and crass, so I figured that if they could find dates via these sites that I should not bother because the type of women that would accept these guys are certainly not my type. However, Jeff was talking about the Skout dating app. It is completely different because it has a great social media component, and people are delignated by peer groups. I dove right in.

Handybook For Future Cleaning

While the old way of getting things done around the house used to be the hard way or the highway, the future looks bright thanks to a brand new app and a tremendous new system. Introducing Handy, the cutting edge technology and design that allows users to find home services by simply touching their fingers to their phones. The future is now and there’s no other way to put it. Handybook is here and now.

When you think about all of the popular apps on the market that are sweeping the nation, from Facebook to Uber and a million and one other things in between, there’s no shortage to the number of applications that can connect people across a number of platforms. Handy on recode allows consumers and homeowners to find the exact type of people that they are looking for; contractors, cleaners, and general help.

There are currently some alternatives on the market, however they aren’t exactly direct competitors. They aren’t exactly in the same market as well when you picture it. There are definitely some similar solutions when you think about something like craigslist, however, you also have no idea who you are contacting and who you are giving your private information out to. You don’t know their qualifications, experience, or any other sort of background information about them either. Do you really want a stranger coming into your home, possibly when you aren’t there around your valuables and your family?

Handybook takes care of this entire process by allowing you to feel safe and secure in your own home. All of the potential contractors and representatives of Handybook are screened ahead of time, and there is a fairly hefty rejection rate. In other words, only the best of the best are able to be employed by Handybook. You can be sure that you are only getting qualified and experienced professionals with a brand and a name that you can trust.

The other way you could be thinking about trusting someone would be to say you could simply go after a professional cleaner or a cleaning service. They may have a top quality staff and no one will doubt their experience, but that might be something you will pay for with your wallet.

No-one is doubting the ability to get quality service these days, but the need for competitive service around your home is truly one that can’t sacrifice your budget. Enter Handybook, the top service that not only allows the screening to happen before a contractor sets foot in your house, but also allows the competitive marketplace to work as well. In short, you can have a plethora of home help at your fingertips, and the competition continues to allow the pricing to drive itself down. After all, if those contractors continue to get better and compete for your services, then you truly will have top quality talent looking for the opportunity to work.

In short, Handybook is helping markets to become more and more competitive all of the tme. Try Handybook today so that you can get the best services for the right prices.

Learn More About the Achievements of James Dondero

Jim Dondero is the president and the co-founder of Highland Capital Management Company. He currently stays in Dallas, TX. James has a lot of experience in the equity and credit market, and he focuses mainly on the high yielding and the distressed method of investments. Highland Capital Management, which was started in 1993, has been the market leader in the growth of Collateralized Loan Obligation market and also in the development of solutions that are credit-oriented. The firm is known to provide solutions that are consumed by the retail and the institutional investors worldwide. Some of the products that are provided by the company include the hedge funds, mutual funds, institutional separate accounts, CLOs, ETFs, and REITs.

Mr. Dondero currently serves as the chairman of CCS Medical, Cornerstone Healthcare, and Nexbank according to his profile on He also works as the board member of MGM Studios and the American Banknote. He has been very active in Philanthropic activities, and he has been able to support various initiatives in the education sector, public policy, and veteran affairs. Before he joined Highland Capital Management, he worked as the chief investment officer at the GIC where he built the additional branch of Protective Life from the beginning. This led to the firm achieving a new height of $2B between 1989 and the year 1993. He has also worked as the Corporate Bond Analyst and also the Portfolio Manager at the American Express.

Mr. Dondero started his memorable career while working as an analyst in a training program owned by Morgan Guaranty. He worked hard in College to attain the highest honors from the University of Virginia. He has also graduated from the Mcintire School of Commerce with majors in finance and accounting. Mr. Dondero is a Certified Management Accountant who has earned the right to make use of the title of Chartered Financial Analyst. In February 2015, he was named the Senior Portfolio Manager of Highland Capital Management Company, and he was to be in charge of the company’s Energy MLP Fund. The fund’s principal function is to offer the investors with up to date income and capital appreciation by concentrating the investment in large and Master Limited Partnerships owned by the local energy companies.

Highland is known to be one of the largest alternative asset managers. The firm specializes in various investment portfolios like the real estate, natural resources, emerging markets, separate accounts, and long only funds. Highland has clients from diversified fields such as foundations, public pension plans, corporations, endowments, financial institutions, individuals with high net worth, and governments. Although the company has its headquarters in Texas, it has affiliate offices in Sao Paolo, New York, Seoul, and Singapore. Mr. Dondero ensures that the firm’s operational and strategic investment initiatives are well executed. He has also previously served as the Portfolio Manager of NexPoint Credit Strategies Fund.

Facts You Probably Did Not Know About Ken Griffin

Ken Griffin is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Citadel, a financial institution dealing with asset management as well as providing liquidity in the American capital markets. His company also provides technology solutions for matters related to investment management technology. He was born in 1968 in Daytona, Florida and has from very humble beginnings managed to become one of the most respected hedge-fund managers of all times. In March 2015, his company was estimated to be worth $25 billion spread in investment capital.

Ken Griffin started the companyon  in his Harvard dorm and through his brilliance and sacrifice, it has managed to be ranked among the most successful and largest hedge-funds in the world. In 2012, he was identified by Forbes as one of the highest earning fund managers. His estimated net worth was $6.5 billion as of May 2015.

His generosity is also rare. In 2014, he made a personal donation of $150 million to Harvard University, and it made history as being the largest gift to be ever made by an individual to the institution. All his total donations to different organizations when combined have totaled over $500 million.

As a freshman in 1986, he started getting intrigued by the financial markets after coming across an article in the Forbes Magazine. When he was in second year, he made his debut in hedge fund management and mainly focused on bond arbitrages that were convertible. His first fund managed to get capital from family and friends to a tune of $265,000.

His was very serious and eager to make money, and even went to the extent of installing a satellite link on his dorm so as to be able to get market data that was real time. True to his expectations, the satellite link helped him evade the 1987 stock market crash and instead made money out of it. After being successful in his first hedge fund, he launched the second one and between the two of them, he was managing slightly over $1 million.

He graduated from Harvard in 1988 and proceeded to become a much better hedge fund manager. Frank Meyer, an investor from Glenwood Capital, noticed his incredible abilities and gave him $1 million to invest. To his utter shock, Griffin exceeded his expectations and was able to make more than seventy percent of the initial investment.

Two years later, he founded Citadel with a $4.6 million capital. Eight years down the line, the company had managed to grow to more than a hundred employees and more than $1 billion in capital. Being in the industry for more than twenty years, he has appeared in many magazines and publications as being among the most influential people in the world of finance. He is also a very active voice in all matters related to market structure and financial regulations and has testified in many government inquiries. He is also involved in philanthropic matters and is an ardent art lover who is known to collect the most rare and expensive art pieces.

North Korean Defector Yeonmi Park Faces a Bright New Future

Life has not been kind to Yeonmi Park, the 21-year-old defector from North Korea who is currently attending Dongguk University in Seoul, South Korea. As a child, she lived in North Korea and witnessed unthinkable atrocities, including brainwashing, extreme censorship and horrific executions. The government has almost complete control over everything that the citizens do, and Park yearns to change that situation. Now that she has escaped the misery of her past, she believes that the best way to do that is through awareness and education. By sharing her experiences, she can help ensure that those who are currently stuck in oppressive systems will find a way to escape or to change the system from the inside.

Park was only 13 years old when she and her mother bravely made their way into China, managing to get passed the guards poised to kill anyone attempting to cross the border. Unfortunately, their reward for this heroism was another form of oppression. Shortly after their arrival, the two of them were attacked, and Park was threatened with rape. Her mother offered herself up to be raped in her daughter’s place, and this was the beginning of two very traumatic years for them.

The mother and daughter were sold into slavery as part of China’s thriving human trafficking trade. These slaves are forced into hard labor, sexual exploitation and other terrible forms of captivity. Park eventually found herself as the mistress of a man who agreed to buy her parents, bringing the family back together. After her father died, she and her mother plotted another escape, and they trekked across the Gobi desert to land in Mongolia, a torturous journey that tested their reserves of strength and endurance. Park emerged from the ordeal with serious mental and emotional scars, and it took several years before she was able to recover her most painful memories.

Now, though, Park is thriving. She is incredibly intelligent and well-spoken, and people are listening. She appears frequently on TV both in South Korea and in other countries, sharing her personal experiences with the evils of totalitarianism and human trafficking. As an ambassador for Teach North Korean Refugees and a volunteer for the activist organization NUAH, she works tirelessly to create reform from the bottom up and to help those who have left North Korea to revel in their freedom as they begin to embrace their new lives.

Park is a gifted speaker who is fluent in Korean, Chinese and English. This makes it easier to connect not only with those in her own country but with people all over the world. She hopes to reach even more people with the memoir that she is writing about her life. It is her fervent wish that more and more people like her will begin to find the courage to speak out. Despite all of the horrors that she has undergone, Park shines with an optimism that can bring true inspiration to those who have given up hope for their freedom.

An Unlikely Leader

Susan McGalla is one of the women that have overcome disadvantages and made her way to the top of her business. This is one of the reasons she is actually a great leader. Great leaders often come from trials that are similar to what their followers go through. In this case, they can relate better with their followers and even provide a better example than leaders who have not experienced the trials. Susan McGalla is one of those leaders that have the experience needed to help others reach their goals. She knows what it takes and can more effectively communicate.

One of the traits of McGalla that she has gained through her trials and struggles is the ability and will to provide advice to women that is practical. She keeps her explanations simple and refrains from the use of jargon or buzzwords that can often confuse people who ask for advice. She also talks to women as professionals and not as women. She does everything she can to see equality. She has worked not just to make a name for herself, but to prove to others that it is possible. Her character, persistence and resilience is an inspiration and a great example to not just women, but people in general.

One very encouraging aspect of Susan McGalla’s personality is that she is not one of the people who seek out special rights. She does not look for special treatment. She finds it tiring. She talks to people as equals and works for what she can get in a world that may not favor her gender as much. A good part of this was due to her parenting which has taught her to express herself to anyone. She was also taught that gender is not a benefit or a hindrance to anyone and should not be seen as such.

This upbringing has made her comfortable with anyone regardless of gender. She has worked in predominantly male companies and has had a lifetime experience that was rich. She has consulted people when it comes to finance and the retail world. As of right now, she enjoys control over her career which came from hard work at pursuing what she is passionate about. She did not seek out any special treatments due to her gender and what was done historically to her gender. She did not carry a sore spot of entitlement for her gender.

Syngeta Is Subject Of Class Action Lawsuit Over Agrisure Viptera

Swedish seed giant Syngenta is once again playing defense after being accused of misrepresenting farmers. The class-action lawsuit accuses Syngenta of not seeking proper authorization from China before selling the genetically-altered MIR 162 corn to American corn farmers. When farmers attempted to sell the corn to China, the country refused to import it, leaving farmers in financial ruin. The commodities market went into a tail spin from which it has yet to recover.

Lawyers for the farmers are accusing Syngenta of gross misrepresentation of the facts (Syngenta denies any wrong doing). “Syngenta was not in concerned in the least to what would happen to the farmers,” says James Pizzirutto, of the D.C. law firm Hausfield and Associates. The seed company Cargill also filed suit against Syngenta, claiming the company cost them tens of millions due to China’s rejection of the corn.

One of the most experienced law firms is defending several farmers in the case — Watt Guerra LLC. Founder, Mikal Watt is one of the most experienced tort law professionals in the state. He has secured millions of dollars for plaintiffs and has sued Syngenta before over other commodities issues. Watts received his law degree from the University of Texas at the age of 21. He is one of the youngest people in the state to pass the bar exam. Watt has devoted his life to helping individuals who have suffered due to the negligence of others.

BusinessWire said in a written statement, Syngenta says the suit is baseless and they strive to uphold the rights of growers. Syngenta also claims that it received legal regulation and was in full compliance with all laws. “We will do our very best to make sure that the farmers get the compensation they deserve,” says Watts. The court case will be heard some time in early 2016.

OrganoGold Continuing Global Expansion into Turkey

Organo Gold is a company that majorly deals with coffee and various products extracted from the same raw material known as Ganoderma lucidum which is an ancient fungus with various benefits and advantages as believed in the history of the Asian countries, it is proven and implemented by health practitioners in Asia that long-term consumption of the product builds strong, healthy body and an assured long life. Since its inception in the year 2008, organo gold has lived to see its tremendous growth worldwide in over 35 countries with its headquarters in Vancouver.

The company markets its various products using a direct sales business model that ensures distributors meet their consumers’ expectations to the maximum hence maximizing its profits, some of the related products obtained from organo gold include: gourmet black coffee, gourmet mocha, gourmet hot chocolate among others that contributes to the growth of the coffee industry.

Bernardo Chua, C.E.O and founder of the organo gold is a well-renowned business person who involved himself in various businesses even before the commencement of organo gold.A napoleon hill gold medal recipient, Bernardo has brought great improvement and success to the coffee market industry and this has enabled the industry diversify its operations in currently opened Turkey market that have brought together continents like Asia, Europe, and Africa hence creating a wider market for both distributors and consumers.

Turkey marks the 39th country where organic gold conducts its operation, reason behind opening a branch in Turkey is that it has a ready and stable market since its one country identified for opening the first coffee house back in history.

Since its operations have been diversified, Bernardo appointed a regional vice president of Europe and Africa to foresee the company’s activities in the countries, this will ensure efficient running of the company and proper management in the long run.

Ganoderma lucid is highly recognised in China and Japan for its unbelievable benefits. China it’s known as Lingzhi which represents a combination of spiritual ability and essence of immortality that symbolizes success, prosperity and wellbeing. The products can be found in different forms that makes its function ability efficient,it can be found in various forms including: powder, dietary supplements and tea products produced from different parts of the Lucida mushroom which is derived from a Latin word meaning ‘brilliant’.

Bruce Levenson: High level businessman

Sports franchises make millions and millions of dollars annually. Sports athletes are some of the highest paid people in America. Everything from Basketball to Hockey, franchises are huge in the United States. We all are impressed with the amount of money Professional athletes make but what are even more impressive are the investors sitting at the top of these corporations. It takes a brilliant, savvy businessman to invest in a professional team. Some struggle to make it in this industry but Bruce Levenson on has made it look easy. We’ll explore his personal background as well as his many accomplished business endeavors.

A great education is key when pursuing a career in the Business field. Bruce Levenson did just that by attending Washington University in St. Louis. Levenson proved he was a hard worker and obtained multiple degrees. After finishing up at Washington University, he went on to the American University School of Law. He was able to build up a wealth of knowledge and a wonderful resume while in college. Levenson had a knack for writing so during his college years he worked for the Washington Star releasing many articles about energy.

Bruce Levenson has always had a love for sports growing up. He loved to engage in activities such as basketball, golf and skiing. It wasn’t a surprise when he grew up to pursue the business side of sports. He began working in the professional field by linking up with business partner Ed Peskowitz. Together the two co-founded a professional group called United Communications Group. This group caters towards millions of clients specializing in fields like healthcare and financial services. Today this corporation has grown so much and expanded across many sections.

After much success in his co-founder-ship in the late 1970’s, Levenson had his sight on bigger and better investments. Going back to his love of sports, Levenson became Owner of the NBA Atlanta Hawks. The Atlanta Hawks is a huge franchise with fans all over the United States. Many recognized this as the highest he could climb in his business career but Levenson wasn’t going to stop there. With his wife’s help, Levenson came up with nonprofit scholarships and programs to help kids in the community. He served as president on the “I Have a Dream Foundation” committee and gave back to the community frequently.

Bruce Levenson completed college, co-founded a new company, owned an NBA franchise while still making time to give back to the community. Levenson has used his career to give back to his community and help improve the lives of many. With his diverse skill set, creative way of thinking and enthusiastic personality he will continue to advance his career in the future.

Healing Is A Priority At North American Spine

Athletes who play games on a regular basis, even if they are not professional players will try to keep their body in the best shape possible. In order to keep the body in shape, an athlete will exercise daily, train regularly, and they’ll also play their sport as well. Some athletes will play several sports in order to keep their athletic physique. Some athletes train in the hopes of becoming a professional athlete one day. The problem with all that exercise is the fact that it can cause injuries to the body, even if the athlete exercises on a regular basis.

If an athlete doesn’t stretch properly, they can injure their neck, or the athlete can possibly injure their back. Injury can occur from improper stretching or not stretching at all. Neck and back injuries may seem small but after a while the injury can take a toll on the athlete’s body. It’s also possible for the pain from the injury to become chronic. Athletes who live with chronic pain may end up hurting their chances of a professional athletic career. If an athlete is already a professional player, then the pain may keep them from playing the way they used to. Neck and back injuries make up 20% of overall injuries that athletes will face.

The fact that an athlete can be injured so easily means it’s necessary for the athlete to care for their body, especially if they have pain. Any athlete that is having neck or back pain of any kind can go to North American Spine, and they can minimize or cure their pain. North American Spine has dealt with thousands of patients in the six years that the facilities have been open. The company also has a high success rate of helping patients minimize or heal their pain. North American Spine performs a highly successful procedure called the AccuraScope procedure.

The AccuraScope procedure can help to heal any pain in the neck as well as the back. North American Spine reviews point out that they have spine healing procedures as well for those who suffer from spine pain. After a patient receives a procedure, it may be necessary for them to receive additional procedures in order to heal the pain for good. Some patients have had a complete recovery, and some have no more pain after only one procedure, but other patients may need several procedures. No matter what the circumstances are, chronic pain can be healed if a person chooses to visit North American Spine. Don’t live in pain anymore, visit North American Spine today.