One of New York’s Best Lawyers: Ross Abelow

If you reside or do business in New York City, you may need the legal services of an expert at one point or another. In New York, there are so many lawyers that choosing one can be a difficult task if you do not know what you are looking for. There are many lawyers in the city but there are those who stand out and who you need to work with for the best results.


One good lawyer in New York City is Ross Abelow. You might have heard about Ross from the news and social media. He is the brains behind the initiative to raise money and help animal shelters in New York City. He started a Go Fund Me campaign early this year so as to help contribute money so as to help these shelters to take in more animals left out in the cold.


The idea was conceived as a result of Abelow’s passion for animals. He saw the need to remove the animals dying out in the cold with no food and shelter. The problem was that the shelters in the city were either congested or not fully equipped to accommodate more animals. The money raised would go towards procuring vaccination, food, medicine and bedding for the animals.


Apart from his work as a philanthropist and lover of animals, Ross Abelow is also a lawyer whose practice is appreciated by a wide variety of clientele. For starters, he is a family lawyer who handles issues to do with matrimonial issues as well as succession matters. He helps spouses get through judicial separation or divorce. He also helps them consider issues such as custody of their children, maintenance and the division of their assets once they separate.


Ross also advises clients on the need to draft valid wills to help put their wishes down in writing. The best way of doing this is to draft a will that includes all your dependents and the assets you wish to distribute. The will is also witnessed and attested to before it becomes valid.


Apart from family law and succession law, Abelow is also a commercial and entertainment lawyer. His clients include businesses and entertainers as well as celebrities. He helps them draft valid contracts and to recognize their liabilities under the agreements they make. As a commercial lawyer, he also gives legal advice concerning tax obligations and other legal requirements.

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