Oncotarget is an international journal that is peer reviewed and focuses on the major pathologies of all cancers, its targets for therapy and treatment procedures used to improve the handling of those affected by cancer. Oncotarget uploads papers online in every week on cancer subjects. The publication also looks at the effects of management programs and other therapeutic causes and formalities on patient view and available therapies so as to improve outcome and most important, help to explain the acceptance by the patient.

The journal aims at making scientific researches and results readily available. They enlarge the usefulness of investigation through perceptive evaluation and allow particular finds shared quickly. The journal also acts as a link between different areas of biomedical knowledge. Visit impactjournals.com to know more.

The oncotarget Journal is under the leadership of the great scientist who helps others contribute to the research on science. However, the journal has some rules that have to be adhered to by there are also guidelines on how to maintain the confidentiality of their content. Manuscripts have first to go checking by the Oncotarget editorial staff before they are published in the journal. The researcher before they submit their articles to be issued in the journal. The information has to be thoroughly researched to avoid misleading the readers of the magazine.

The oncotarget journal has enabled results of studies on different forms of cancer available and brought together some of the best findings on cancer, and this has helped the cancer patients know and understand their condition. Read more about the journal at Dovepress.