Norka Martinez Luque: A Successful Latin Pop Star

The Latino presence in the Miami area offers us a distinctive window into the Latino culture in the United States and the function of music in creating communities. Located at the southeastern corner of the U.S. state of Florida, Miami boasts a rich history and a thriving artistic life. The “Capital of Latin America” is a home to some of the greatest Latin musicians. Some of them are Gloria Estefan (a Latin pop singer-songwriter), Julio Iglesias (a Latin artist), Enrique Iglesias (Spanish singer-songwriter) and a host of others.

Norka Martinez Luque is also another force making headlines in the Latin music community. The Venezuelan musician is one of the most famous performers of her time. After graduating from a French business school as a professional banker, she began studying lyrical and popular singing in the United States. Her debut arrived in 2008 when she met the widely known Latin music producer Emilio Estefan Jr. Since then she started an ascendant career traveling around the world performing some of her major hits.

About Norka Luque (Early life and Education)

Born in Venezuela’s capital city, Caracas in 1985, Norka Luque began instrument, dance and singing lessons as a young child. With the unconditional support from her parents, she pursued the art lessons as well as her academic education.

In her higher education endeavors, she majored in business administration in France and earned a degree on the same. She also earned diplomas in culinary arts, fashion and marketing. While still a student at the French college, she got an opportunity to join a punk and funk group, Bad Moon Rising. As a member of the band, Ms. Martinez was able to remain connected to her ambition of becoming a professional singer.

Music and Awards

In 2011, Ms. Martinez was nominated for the Best Female Pop Artist in the prestigious Premios Lo Nuestro Awards. “Como lo Haces Tu” was the song that earned her this nomination. In 2012, she debuted yet another successful tracked dubbed “Milagro.” She called upon the support of professionals such as Emilio Estefan, Hermanos Gaitán, Archie Pena, and Luigi Giraldo to make the song a success.

She released this song to her fans in three phases; dance which was done in English, urban remix, pop and salsa version. All these versions made great success, topping music charts of different genres. Her most recent single is called “Tomorrowland.” It is accessible on all music apps and online stores.

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