Nick Vertucci’s Poker Success Involves Real Estate Skills

Nick Vertucci is an accomplished poker player who has gone up against some of the greats, and came out successfully on the other side. Many of his poker fans may not realize that he has a great background in the real estate market – called a “guru” by some of his believers. Real estate, like poker, can often be a gamble. In fact, there are several key skills in poker that one can learn from working in the real estate world, and vice versa. Nick Vertucci is a fantastic example of the utilization of these skills in both arenas.

Bluffing Wisely

Investing takes a deeply honed ability to read others, and to avoid letting them read you. It’s about going all in when you may not have the best hand, or when Nick Vertucci goes to bat for clients by telling the broker that they need to give a better offer to the buyer because they have other options – even if they don’t. Bluffing has to be done strategically and with the best intentions in mind.

Reading Others

In opposition to bluffing comes the ability to read others and gather the truth. In a real estate transaction, reading others may involve determining if the seller truly has other offers; or in poker, you may be faced with calling the bluff of another. These experiences are very similar and can easily be interchanged.

The Ability to Adapt

Real estate and poker, just like every part of life, require the ability to adapt to change. In these two arenas, changes will be inevitable and unpredictable. Nick Vertucci is even quoted as wishing he had the ability to give the advice “plan for change” to his younger self.

Vertucci’s poker face is a strong one, and he has been known to be successful against the odds in both real estate and poker.