Meet Dr. Dov Rand- CEO of The Healthy Aging Medical Centre

Dr. Dov Rand is a Bioidentical Hormone Specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation sector. As a founder of Healthy Aging Medical Centre, he has been running this practice for more than fifteen years focused on helping patients live the highest possible level of health in every bit of their life as they age. Dr. Dov Rand is committed to providing patients with the emerging and modern evidence-based medical services and maintaining all administered treatments stem acquired from peer-reviewed medicine. The research conducted by the firm often uncovers alternative options which are in line with medical conventions and one size strategy to healthcare. In an effort of optimizing health practices, if he is unable to offer the required treatment as per medical studies, he will neither recommend nor prescribe it.

Under the guidance of Dr. Dov Rand, his team offers a wide range of treatments that touch various areas of health, from weight loss assistance, the bioidentical hormone therapy to anti-aging services among others. Dr. Rand has reputable expertise in dealing with erectile dysfunction harnessing the latest methods in the field which include shockwave therapy and nutritional recommendations. His treatment art is grounded on a philosophy of pill to ill an approach that focuses on giving treatments as per observed symptoms rather than the real problem. Thus, Dr. Dov Rand engages in health optimization by utilizing a preventative standpoint and enlightening patients on leading a sustainable, healthy life throughout their lifetime.

Leading by example, Dr. Dov Rand is at the forefront of living a healthy and active life. He says that physical exercise through engagement of activities such as yoga, martial arts, muscle strengthening also cardiovascular exercises marks an excellent fitness approach to healthcare. Also maintaining proper diet and nutrition through consuming a regimen of supplements meant to boost his wellness goals enable him to focus on his healthy efficiently. In staying mentally active, he does a lot of writing, reading many literature and scientific contents, and participating in professional conferences. Keeping these activities as a routine not only do they keep him sharp but also enable him to accrue knowledge he uses daily in his practices.

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