MB2Dental: Working Together to Accomplish More

Dr.Chris Villanueva is a dentist at MB2Dental. His goal is provided other deniers across the nation with support and advice on how to better handle practices. Any of the expertise can range from how to effectively handle administration duties to handling financial matters. He believes that all dentist should strive to work together instead of a part. That way the patient can really be the center of focus.

Dr. Villanueva is responsible for MB2 Dental. He is a practitioner himself as well as the creator of the idea that dentists can help each other. This is an innovative approach to handling the day to day activities of the office. What he does is introduce his concepts on family or couples retreats to other dentists to let them know that they are not alone in how they handle their office tasks. Dr. Villanueva talks about his ideas to these other dentists. If they like what they hear, then they become an affiliate. He has over 1,000 nationwide so far. Dentistry does not have to be boring. The office does not have to be traditional. It is ok to change things up to make the trip to the office or typical work seem more adventurous instead predictable.

In a recent podcast, Dr. Villanueva talked about his approach to modern day dentistry and everyone was in awe. Having fun together, practicing autonomy, growing from each other’s knowledge, and keeping up the latest technology as a huge impact on how day to day dentistry ought to go. This is the way he uses his innovative thinking process to get his fellow practitioners to try something new and think outside of the box. If other dental practices want their practices to continue in growth, Dr. Villanueva can help offer a way to do it. No other dentist has thought these types of approaches before.

It would probably take some getting used too, but once other practitioners get the hang of it, we will see a wave of dental practices experiencing huge growth in patient care and the quality service that comes with it. All practices should consider the model that MB2Dental has set. Dr. Villanueva has a way of getting to really understand what it is like to not just go about things the mundane way. All entrepreneurs seeking to have a dental business should take notes. This will help them greatly.

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