With over 25 years of experience in the development and commercialization of pharmaceutical products, devices, and biotechnology, Mark Beer founded Renovia Inc alongside Ramon Iglesias and Yolanda Lorie in 2016. Renovia is a Medtech Company that is mainly focused on treating pelvic floor disorders in women by coming up with diagnoses and therapeutic solutions.


Renovia Inc completed its Series A financing with various stakeholders in the biotechnology industry and saw the closing of the series. Recently, Renovia was able to raise over $32 million in Series B. This amount will go along way in funding research and development of new products and devices for pelvic floor disorders like urinary incontinence. The company’s first product to be produced and marketed was officially accepted by FDA early this year and is called Leva.


Series B financing saw a number of companies investing in Renovia. Perceptive Advisors and Ascension Adventures led the Series B financing event. These are healthcare firms that are based in New York and Missouri respectively. One of the companies that invested in Renovia Inc during the Series B event is Logwood Fund, which is a healthcare investment firm that contributed in raising funds to be used in the testing and the development of four more therapeutic and diagnostic products. The fund will also help in upgrading their first product; Leva device.


The co-founder and CEO of Renovia Inc indicated his excitement and gratitude to all those who supported the firm to bring changes to the healthcare system, by participating in the Series B, which would contribute to the success of treating pelvic floor disorders in women and also lower the cost of health care by making it easily accessible. With the innovation and technologies used by Renovia Inc, the company will be able to provide a digital platform that will bring in more treatment options to their clients. Additionally, the organization will offer more knowledge on the various ways of diagnosing and treating pelvic disorders, provide more information on pelvic floor disorders and manufacture products that are in line with their clients’ needs and treatment options.


The company is in great hands as it is led by innovative people with vast experience and exposure. Before establishing his own company, Mark Beer Renovia worked with some firms where he held various leadership positions. At ViaCell, a biotechnology company, he was the founding CEO. With his leadership, the company expanded its operations to include over 300 employees. At Abbot Laboratories, Mark held many sales and advertising roles among other leadership positions in various firms. Learn more: