Learn More About the Achievements of James Dondero

Jim Dondero is the president and the co-founder of Highland Capital Management Company. He currently stays in Dallas, TX. James has a lot of experience in the equity and credit market, and he focuses mainly on the high yielding and the distressed method of investments. Highland Capital Management, which was started in 1993, has been the market leader in the growth of Collateralized Loan Obligation market and also in the development of solutions that are credit-oriented. The firm is known to provide solutions that are consumed by the retail and the institutional investors worldwide. Some of the products that are provided by the company include the hedge funds, mutual funds, institutional separate accounts, CLOs, ETFs, and REITs.

Mr. Dondero currently serves as the chairman of CCS Medical, Cornerstone Healthcare, and Nexbank according to his profile on linkedin.com. He also works as the board member of MGM Studios and the American Banknote. He has been very active in Philanthropic activities, and he has been able to support various initiatives in the education sector, public policy, and veteran affairs. Before he joined Highland Capital Management, he worked as the chief investment officer at the GIC where he built the additional branch of Protective Life from the beginning. This led to the firm achieving a new height of $2B between 1989 and the year 1993. He has also worked as the Corporate Bond Analyst and also the Portfolio Manager at the American Express.

Mr. Dondero started his memorable career while working as an analyst in a training program owned by Morgan Guaranty. He worked hard in College to attain the highest honors from the University of Virginia. He has also graduated from the Mcintire School of Commerce with majors in finance and accounting. Mr. Dondero is a Certified Management Accountant who has earned the right to make use of the title of Chartered Financial Analyst. In February 2015, he was named the Senior Portfolio Manager of Highland Capital Management Company, and he was to be in charge of the company’s Energy MLP Fund. The fund’s principal function is to offer the investors with up to date income and capital appreciation by concentrating the investment in large and Master Limited Partnerships owned by the local energy companies.

Highland is known to be one of the largest alternative asset managers. The firm specializes in various investment portfolios like the real estate, natural resources, emerging markets, separate accounts, and long only funds. Highland has clients from diversified fields such as foundations, public pension plans, corporations, endowments, financial institutions, individuals with high net worth, and governments. Although the company has its headquarters in Texas, it has affiliate offices in Sao Paolo, New York, Seoul, and Singapore. Mr. Dondero ensures that the firm’s operational and strategic investment initiatives are well executed. He has also previously served as the Portfolio Manager of NexPoint Credit Strategies Fund.