How good is your dog food?

Dog owners in their concern and love for their pets are looking more closely to what goes into the food they feed their dogs. People are moving toward premium foods that are more closely in nature to the foods they choose for themselves. Manufacturers have taken this to heart and offer different foods for each stage in a dog’s life or major concern areas like weight. Within the industry, the regulations on dog food have been tightened since 2007. This is to ensure that ingredients that may be harmful to dogs are kept out of the market.

Purina’s Beneful is very committed to the safety and nutritional value in the dog food that they offer consumers. The ingredients within Beneful are carefully sourced and tested both before production and after production. PurinaStore keeps a tight quality control of the source ingredients and the finished product. Dog health and well-being is a primary concern to the point that they have several Ph.D. in animal nutrition working to make sure that Beneful is good for a dog’s health and well-being.

The sales and production of premium dog food has soared because of this concern for pets having food that is a quality product and nutritious. According to Giammona (2015) this has caused premium dog foods to account for more than half of the market. This is triggering all pet food manufacturers to step things up and provide healthier offerings to meet the growing needs of consumers who are looking for the best foods for their pets.

Beneful’s Nutrition Research team works to ensure that everything within their product is there for a reason. This team includes immunologists, nutritionists, and biochemists so that they fully understand how the nutrients function in the body and the roles they play. The quality and care that is put into the production of Beneful is because these same people feed Beneful to their own dogs.


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