Handybook For Future Cleaning

While the old way of getting things done around the house used to be the hard way or the highway, the future looks bright thanks to a brand new app and a tremendous new system. Introducing Handy, the cutting edge technology and design that allows users to find home services by simply touching their fingers to their phones. The future is now and there’s no other way to put it. Handybook is here and now.

When you think about all of the popular apps on the market that are sweeping the nation, from Facebook to Uber and a million and one other things in between, there’s no shortage to the number of applications that can connect people across a number of platforms. Handy on recode allows consumers and homeowners to find the exact type of people that they are looking for; contractors, cleaners, and general help.

There are currently some alternatives on the market, however they aren’t exactly direct competitors. They aren’t exactly in the same market as well when you picture it. There are definitely some similar solutions when you think about something like craigslist, however, you also have no idea who you are contacting and who you are giving your private information out to. You don’t know their qualifications, experience, or any other sort of background information about them either. Do you really want a stranger coming into your home, possibly when you aren’t there around your valuables and your family?

Handybook takes care of this entire process by allowing you to feel safe and secure in your own home. All of the potential contractors and representatives of Handybook are screened ahead of time, and there is a fairly hefty rejection rate. In other words, only the best of the best are able to be employed by Handybook. You can be sure that you are only getting qualified and experienced professionals with a brand and a name that you can trust.

The other way you could be thinking about trusting someone would be to say you could simply go after a professional cleaner or a cleaning service. They may have a top quality staff and no one will doubt their experience, but that might be something you will pay for with your wallet.

No-one is doubting the ability to get quality service these days, but the need for competitive service around your home is truly one that can’t sacrifice your budget. Enter Handybook, the top service that not only allows the screening to happen before a contractor sets foot in your house, but also allows the competitive marketplace to work as well. In short, you can have a plethora of home help at your fingertips, and the competition continues to allow the pricing to drive itself down. After all, if those contractors continue to get better and compete for your services, then you truly will have top quality talent looking for the opportunity to work.

In short, Handybook is helping markets to become more and more competitive all of the tme. Try Handybook today so that you can get the best services for the right prices.