Doe Deere: Innovative Thinker, Beauty Master

Doe Deere likes to think outside the box in every area of her life, including the make-up she wears and clothes she puts on before going out to face the world. As an innovative thinker and beauty master, Deere is passionate about constructing new looks with little to no regard for conventional ideologies and expected modes of being and knowing. Deere’s beauty reality is guided by her own independently attained knowledge and mood, not the normative regimes that govern society and individual behavior. Over the course of her career as a beauty expert, Deere has defied numerous prescriptions and proscriptions regarding how people should adorn their bodies. Some of the rules she has defied include:

1. Don’t Ever Wear Loud Clothing Colors With Unnatural Hair Shades.

It’s no secret that dying one’s hair is a wonderful mode of self-expression that enables individuals to establish and publicly declare their unique identity. However, even people who step outside existing boundaries to express themselves with unnatural hair colors like pink and green may find that they are still oppressed by beauty standards regarding what clothes they can wear. Specifically, some fashion gurus state that individuals with unnatural hair colors should not wear bright clothing but rather stick to neutral shades like black and gray. Deere is not on board with this modality. Instead, she believes in wearing all types of shading with unnatural hair colors, including but not limited to pink and blue.

2. Don’t Wear Too Much Color On Your Face.

Deere is inclined to break this rule on a regular basis. She loves using multiple shades of color on her face rather than conforming to the neutral or near-neutral aesthetic that more muted shadings create.

Doe Deere: Where She’s Going And Where She’s Been

Beauty is a realm that Doe Deere has been immersed in since childhood. From the time that she was but a girl, Deere could be found experimenting with cosmetics. As a big lover of the aesthetic sector, Deere was passionate about dressing up and playing with her physical appearance to see the wide spectrum of looks she could create through the power of her own mind.

Despite the fact that her talent for the cosmetic sector didn’t fully develop until she was in her 20s, Deere remained deeply committed to the beauty domain. Once her skill set improved, she launched her own business, Lime Crime. This cosmetics business provides consumers with a medium through which to express their individuality in an aesthetically appealing, highly creative manner!