Doe Deere Breaks all the Rules

Lime Crime CEO and fearless unicorn Doe Deere doesn’t adhere to the standard fashion rules. She suggests you do the same. She suggests too much of everything. Too much fun, too much color, and too much personality. For Doe fashion rules are suggestions, suggestions she chooses to ignore. Her approach to fashion is one of creativity and fun. Why not show off those gorgeous socks? Don’t hide them behind the closed toed shoes or pants. Show them off.

Doe Deere started Lime Crime as an Ebay store front, since then its growth and the principals that drive her and the company have pushed her into the forefront of the cosmetic business world. Her drive to bring color to the world and embracing the uniqueness of her own personality has driven Lime Crime since its inception. Her faith in her own choices and her sense of style has guided the bright colored business of Lime Crime.

Doe says “unicorns are people who were born different, are aware of it and proud.” Lime Crime and Doe aim to show women that color and personality are powerful. Often, Doe is pictured in a dazzling array of color and flair. She admits to being “bad” at makeup for a long period of her adult life, but that didn’t stop her from being bold and brave with her color choices. Posting pictures of her experimental makeup looks online all while trying not only new colors, but new things. Stage and theater makeup, glued on rhinestones, and even a multitude of colored glitters all at once. Doe still tries every product and color before it goes into production to ensure that everything made Lime Crime fits with the style and vision of the company.

Lime Crime and Doe’s approach style with a sense of whimsy and personality. Embracing the idea of being a unicorn, someone who is brave and colorful. Being a unicorn isn’t just a choice to them, being a unicorn is an approach to life, a philosophy, a driving vision that influences everything in their life, not just makeup and fashion. Lime Crime and Doe break all the fashion rules to embrace their personality.