Naomi Campbell’s The Face

Naomi Campbell has one of the most famous faces in the modeling industry. It is appropriate therefore that the show she is executive producer of is called The Face. It’s not about her face surprisingly though. The show focuses on the search for “the face” that may be the next top model in the tough fashion world industry. Naomi Campbell is not only an executive producer of the show, she is also a strong model coach for the up in coming models. Naomi also assembled a number of connections in the fashion world and the photography world that gives the winner of The Face a real chance at making it big in the industry.

Naomi Campbell’s words of advice to all people aspiring to make it big in the fashion world are to ensure you have a strong or defined personality along with “the face” to go with it. She points out that many of the models who have made it big of late have a large personality and a huge presence on social media. Not that having a large social media following truly matters, but it does imply these models are fun for people to follow because they have an exciting personality. Designers also like working with models that they can use for print advertisements and for commercials. If you have a big personality, it is easier to work well in commercials, on the runway and in print advertisements.

The English model Naomi Campbell has always had a big personality. Her success back in the eighties and nineties was not just because of her tall, lean frame that never gained a pound despite her claims she never diets. Even her beautiful face wasn’t the only reason why she succeeded in the industry. Her success was largely because of her big personality that made her stand out from the crowd of models. Of course having a towering height and a gorgeous face weren’t a drawback for her career. Her personality is just really what made her the most memorable of the top five supermodels of the nineties though.