Julie Zuckerberg Utilizes Her Talent to Revolutionize the Recruitment Industry

Julie Zuckerberg is a renowned talent acquisition professional in New York. She is the current senior talent acquisition Leader at the Deutsche Bank. Her role in the company involves collaboration with various leaders in different fields that include global technology, private wealth, commercial business area, asset management, and other operations whose primary aim is to push for the local talent acquisition strategies that go hand-in-hand with improvements in the recruitment processes.


Julie is also involved in development and negotiation of offers at the managerial level that includes real risk takers and primary function stakeholders. Besides performing these roles, Julie provides valuable advice to the leadership committees and the executive on hiring governance and the top recruitment practices. These practices have the capability to increase engagement and proficiency; therefore, enabling companies to attract diverse talents.

Julie Zuckerberg graduated with a degree in philosophy from the University of New York, Brooklyn College. After that, she attended the New York Law School for her Doctor of Jurisprudence degree. It is an entry level degree to an individual who wants to become certified litigators in the US, Canada, Australia and a few other countries.


Julie’s career

Julie’s career as a talent acquisition professional began back in 2002 when she landed her first job at Hudson Global Resources America Inc. She was involved in candidate placement, recruiting paralegals, case managers and attorneys for several firms, for either permanent or temporally positions. Most of her clients were reputable law firms, financial institutions, and large corporations.


Julie was an employee at Hudson for five years until the end of 2007 when she moved to Citi Global Consumer Bank to seek greener pastures. She took over the position of an executive recruiter until July 2011 when she offered a full life-cycle recruiting senior level positions in Auditing, legal and, compliance fields. She offered valuable advice to top business heads on new hiring strategies, compensation trends, competitive markets, and what they can do to retain top talents in their companies.


She is well-known for offering creative recruitment strategies such as direct sourcing, employment referrals, social media as well as searching on the internet. While working at Citi global consumer bank, Julie led negotiations and development of multiple job opportunities that had equity awards, relocation, buyouts, clawbacks, and immigration amongst other recruitment related issues. From November 2013 for February 2014, Julie Zuckerberg worked at New York Life Insurance Company as a senior recruiter. She then joined Deutsche Bank where she currently works. Due to her remarkable performance in the organization, Julie has scaled the ladder of success to the position of Executive Talent Acquisition Manager and later on the Vice President of the bank.


In all the organizations where Julie has worked, she has displayed exemplary management skills in recruitment and hiring of talent that brings a lot of difference to the company. She has been able to provide the best-talented people; therefore, benefiting businesses with her ability and knowledge in recruitment all over the country. Besides her engaging work, Julie participates in outdoor activities. Her hobbies include cooking or eating out, discovering new technology, photography and checking out art galleries.


From ‘stencils’ to ‘stencils’

An entrepreneur has moved from palettes to profile with a bright and bold online makeup brand capturing global attention.

Lime Crime CEO and founder Doe Deere said chasing her love for color landed her the greatest job in the world.

“I feel like I’m cheating sometimes,” she said.

“It’s unreal to be able to create color for a living as an adult.”

The Russian-born cosmetic connoisseur said her dreams came true in 2008 when she started the bright makeup line of animal-friendly makeup.

Deere found it difficult to source brightly colored makeup when she decided to start a line of her own.

But instead of placing product on the shelves, she wanted to offer her unique pigmented cosmetics online.

At the time, e-commerce was an unknown territory and experts warned Deere to avoid an online-based business.

They thought women wanted to test makeup in person rather purchase from pictures.

“I strongly disagreed. I felt that if presented correctly, we could be very successful at selling cosmetics online.”

So Deere came up with an innovative way to showcase makeup.

The “on-lip” lipstick swatch showed color placed on real lips instead of smeared or pressed on paper.

The revolutionary marketing tool rapidly gained popularity and other cosmetic companies almost immediately incorporated Deere’s innovative idea.

While the marketing makeup tool was now an industry standard, Deere said Lime Crime was always on the lookout to lead competitors.

“We continue to innovate in the field of e-commerce with the goal of creating the best interactive shopping experience for makeup enthusiasts around the world,” she said.

Deere seemed to always be the first to spearhead a trend.

When she was 13-years-old and in her home country, she sold temporary tattoos.

The trend was a bit of a taboo then but by sticking one on herself, Deere was able to show others it was OK and could be “cool”.

This trait of “try it before you buy it” was still a major part of Deere’s production process this day.

Every new product gets personally tested by Deere before its available for purchase.

She said this was to ensure an authentic brand for customers.

And while Deere continues to impress with bright colors and inventive marketing, she admits she never works a day in her life.

“Grown-ups shouldn’t be allowed to have so much fun, yet we are.”

Helane L. Morrison a Leader in Risk Management

The Wall Street Journal published an article on April 1, 2016, by Mara Lemos Stein titled, “Chief Risk Officers Are Taking on a Broader Role.” Ms. Lemos talks about the evolution of the roles of risk officers and where the expected changes are leading. It is anticipated that the role of chief risk officer will become how to measure and manage operational risk.
Helane L. Morrison is a leader in the new era of Chief Risk Officers. She has an extensive background including heading the San Francisco Office of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) from 1999. It is also worthy of note that she was the first female to hold this position at Hall Capital Partners LLC.
Ms. Morrison is currently employed by as general counsel for Hall Captial Partners and works as the managing director, chief compliance officer. Since joining the firm she has managed three investigations that led to enforcement action being taken against the Republic Securities of New York, auditors of California Micro Devices, and the Dean Witter http://www.sfgate.com/business/article/Helane-L-Morrison-San-Francisco-s-newly-3069650.php
Ms. Morrison is quoted as saying, “In the past three years, I have worked along with all the other people on the enforcement side to strengthen our presence and impact and, as the head of the office, I want to keep the office’s momentum going,”
Helane L. Morrison is truly a leader in the Risk Management arena. She is setting new standards for both men and women in the position. Observing her career is inspiring to young attorneys just starting their practice.