Venezuela Says Goodbye To Coca-Cola

As Venezuela continues to spiral downhill, yet another major company has been forced to stop production. Coca-Cola, an American owned company, has been forced to halt production of their popular soft drink in Venezuela for the foreseeable future due to a lack of raw materials. The company announced that sugar free drinks would be unaffected, but the traditional products would no longer be made in the country.

Just one month ago the company lost beer when Empresas Polar, Jose Gonzalez’ favorite beer, was forced to shut down due to an inability to import enough barley. The country is teetering on the edge of collapse as company’s fall, food shortages grow, and inflation is forecasted to surpass 700%.
Just last week in a report from Linked In, President Maduro imposed a 60-day state of emergency to allow extra military exercises as his opposition that would like to unseat him grew in numbers and held often violent protests in the street and looting of areas for food and supplies. The exercises included two days of military drills that included flybys by strike jets while the state TV aired footage of tanks and troops preforming maneuvers that can be viewed here. The drills have been titled “Independence 2016” and involve around 520,000 soldiers and have been rumored to be aimed at the US, the country President Maduro claims is responsible for their problems.