Quick Link Marketing Under The Direction Of Krishen Iyer

Managed Benefits Services, formerly Quick Link Marketing, is a Carlsbad, Califonia based company specializing in connecting health and dental insurance companies in need of marketing expertise with online lead generation companies. The company was founded by Krishen Iyer to fill a need that existed at the time in an untapped market. Using skills he perfected as a graduate of San Diego State University with a degree in public administration and urban development, Iyer used his online skills to bring the two industries together to meet unique marketing needs, benefiting both businesses.




Krishen Iyer has shown his entrepreneurial skills in his use of technical development, cliant relations and digital marketing. Under his direction the company has now developed a promising new multi-layer platform that they believe will further benefit clients. A new dimension in the form of insurance consulting has also been added to the company. When asked about the success of the company Iyer states “Advanced techniques in data collection and analysis have allowed us to develop very precise strategies for growth, and this level of precision reduces risk while enhancing the strategy’s likelihood of efficacy.”




Known to be an avid supporter of community organizations and continuing efforts to maintain local parks with clean-up efforts despite his busy schedule interfacing with clients and overseeing business operations and advancement, Krishen Iyer also contributes to a number of global organizations. When asked about his failures and successes he purports that in his view there are really no failures if you learn from setbacks and continue to move forward. Life is a learning experience and as long as one continues to progress in business or personal life there really are only successes, not failures. He brings this attitude into all he does and the results show that this approach to matters works well.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum’s Secret to Success

Anyone can achieve what he/she sets the mind to get, but many times this is not the case because of varied reasons. Most people are unable to overcome obstacles that come in between them and their destination. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum believes that if one is inspired and has mentors to look up to then, they will most definitely achieve their aspirations. He is an entrepreneur and an orthopedic surgeon, who specialises in knee, shoulder and hip replacement surgery, and the reconstruction of joints. He currently serves as the chairman of Bronxcare Health System and an Advisory Chief Technology of the Swiftpath Program.


Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has researched and made various advances that have helped others in the medical field. Despite this he is always keeping an open mind, ready to learn. An avid writer, he runs the site BoneHone which he launched to share with the world, viable treatment options in his profession. He suggests that trends that offer value to patients inspire him the most and agrees that surrounding oneself with people who support your idea will get the plan moving faster. Dr Kirschenbaum says the best $100 he has spent recently was on audio books, which allowed him to learn while doing other activities. He says that even though the cost of accessing health care is rising, he foresees positive changes soon.




With over 25 years of experience in the development and commercialization of pharmaceutical products, devices, and biotechnology, Mark Beer founded Renovia Inc alongside Ramon Iglesias and Yolanda Lorie in 2016. Renovia is a Medtech Company that is mainly focused on treating pelvic floor disorders in women by coming up with diagnoses and therapeutic solutions.


Renovia Inc completed its Series A financing with various stakeholders in the biotechnology industry and saw the closing of the series. Recently, Renovia was able to raise over $32 million in Series B. This amount will go along way in funding research and development of new products and devices for pelvic floor disorders like urinary incontinence. The company’s first product to be produced and marketed was officially accepted by FDA early this year and is called Leva.


Series B financing saw a number of companies investing in Renovia. Perceptive Advisors and Ascension Adventures led the Series B financing event. These are healthcare firms that are based in New York and Missouri respectively. One of the companies that invested in Renovia Inc during the Series B event is Logwood Fund, which is a healthcare investment firm that contributed in raising funds to be used in the testing and the development of four more therapeutic and diagnostic products. The fund will also help in upgrading their first product; Leva device.


The co-founder and CEO of Renovia Inc indicated his excitement and gratitude to all those who supported the firm to bring changes to the healthcare system, by participating in the Series B, which would contribute to the success of treating pelvic floor disorders in women and also lower the cost of health care by making it easily accessible. With the innovation and technologies used by Renovia Inc, the company will be able to provide a digital platform that will bring in more treatment options to their clients. Additionally, the organization will offer more knowledge on the various ways of diagnosing and treating pelvic disorders, provide more information on pelvic floor disorders and manufacture products that are in line with their clients’ needs and treatment options.


The company is in great hands as it is led by innovative people with vast experience and exposure. Before establishing his own company, Mark Beer Renovia worked with some firms where he held various leadership positions. At ViaCell, a biotechnology company, he was the founding CEO. With his leadership, the company expanded its operations to include over 300 employees. At Abbot Laboratories, Mark held many sales and advertising roles among other leadership positions in various firms. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marcbeer

Current Chairman Of Orthopedics At Bronxcare Health System

A recent interview with Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum highlights the evolution of Orthopedics healthcare. As a co-founder of Medscape and a team member of Web MD Dr. Kirschenbaum holds numerous titles within the medical field. He is the current Chairman of Orthopedics at Bronxcare Health System. Along with his current chairman responsibilities Dr. Kirschenbaum holds the title of Chief Medical Officer for DTH Healthcom and the Advisory Chief Program Officer for the Swiftpath Program. Being a member of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons since 1995, and on the board of Directors for EHR Project Team since 2010 are just two examples of Dr. Kirschenbaum’s meaningful career. Graduating from Brown University in 1979 with his undergraduate degree, Kirschenbaum later went on to complete his residency at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Dr. Kirschenbaum specializes in damaged bones and joints along with the replacement of hip, shoulder, and knees. He has published and lectured on joint replacement along with holding several trademarks for surgical instrument inventions and medical information systems. Meeting with fellow surgeons and doctors frequently allows Dr. Kirschenbaum’s concept of value-based healthcare to be obtained. In order for Dr. Kirschenbaum’s daily routine to operate smoothly, he uses a special software called Calendly.com. This software allows people to make appointments directly with him, which saves time. In order to bring ideas to life, Dr. Kirschenbaum evaluates his ideas, then starts a distribution plan. A piece of advice from Dr. Kirschenbaum was to surround yourself with people who believe in your idea and why it will make a difference. The famous quote “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, applies every day in his lengthy career. While most people believe healthcare is in crisis, Dr. Kirschenbaum continues to find inspiration to improve and innovate Orthopedics.



Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Philanthropist, And Futurist, Jason Hope Is A Man Whose Mission Involves Making Plights Like Aging And Chronic Illness A Thing Of The Past

Arizona-based business owner, entrepreneur, philanthropist and futurist, Jason Hope thinks the idea of aging, as well as diseases like Alzheimers, Atherosclerosis, and Diabetes mellitus, could become medical plights of the past. And he is serious in his quest of finding cures for some of humanity’s chronic ills.

Jason Hope spends a lot of his resources on altruism, by contributing money and time to organizations like Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescience Research Foundation, or SENS Foundation. By visiting SENS.org, one can find a list of the names of the original founders of SNES Foundation, a non-profit organization created in MountainView, California, in 2009. And those SNES founders include Jeff Hall, Michael Kope, Sarah Marr, Kevin Perrott, and Aubrey de Grey.

Dr. Aubrey de Grey, an anti-aging researcher who heads SENS as their Chief Science Officer, is someone who Jason Hope truly admires. The mission of the SENS Foundation is to develop, promote, and ensure widespread access to technologies that address age-related diseases. Because of the SENS Foundation’s focus on finding a cure for diseases and aging, Hope donated 500,000 dollars to them in 2010.

In addition to the SENS Foundation, Jason Hope has contributed to many other causes and organizations. His philanthropy has covered a broad swath of organizations like the Boys & Girls Club of Metropolitan Phoenix, International Foundation for Education and Self Help, The Andre Agassi Foundation, The Tony Hawk Foundation, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Desert Mountain States Chapter, Worldwide Orphans Foundation, T Gen Foundation, Teach for America Phoenix, and many others.

As for the story of Jason Hope, it all begins in Arizona. Hope was raised in Tempe and earned an undergraduate degree in finance from Arizona State University (ASU). He also received an MBA from Arizona State’s W.P. Carey School of Business.

Yet, even with a Bachelor’s degree and an MBA in finance, Hope has a keen interest in the future of technology. He is excited about IoT technology, or the “Internet of Things” becoming a feasible tool in the future. Hope has written on subject matters involving IoT like security, hacking, biometrics, fitness, and marketing.

As for business advice he can give, Hope states that Internet marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and services that utilize social media are in big demand. Hope also quips that it doesn’t take much capital to create a website and start a business that focuses on these three areas.

TMS Health Solutions and Contemporary Mental Health Treatment

TMS Health Solutions is a health company seeking to find ways to treat people with treatment-resistant depression using TMS therapy.


The company has several offices located in northern California. These are in Oakland, El Dorado Hills, Burlingame, Sacramento and Roseville. It also has two convenient locations in San Francisco, one by UCSF and another in Union Square.


There are many people who feel like they have no choice but to tolerate their severe mental conditions on a daily basis. TMS Health believes firmly that there are valid treatment solutions for individuals who have mental health concerns such as depression. The company provides individuals with exhaustive psychiatry assistance. If an individual has clinical depression, it may be the right move for them to turn to TMS Health Solutions.



For many individuals struggling from depression, medication does not prove to be effective enough to solve their mental illness. TMS stands for transcranial magnetic stimulation, which is an office-based, non-invasive therapy for patients suffering with mental illness. It requires a patient to recline in a chair while wearing a TMS coil for 30 to 60 minutes five times a week for six weeks. The therapy is approved by the FDA.



Dr. Richard Bermudes created TMS Health Solutions back in 2007. His objective was to change outpatient psychiatry. Dr. Bermudes works together with several experienced figures to run the company, such as General Partner Ara Chackerian, Chief Executive Officer Brad Hummel, Neuro Services Director Joshua Kuluva, Regional Medical Director Oana Galicki, and TMS Education Director Karl Lanocha. TMS Health Solutions is a firm that knows that mental health is an invaluable thing. It wants to strengthen the mental health treatment world permanently.

Shafik Sachedina, Chairman of Sussex Healthcare

     The healthcare that residents living in one of the 20 personal care homes operated by Sussex Healthcare receive includes the latest treatments and practices. Dr. Shafik Sachedina is the well liked chairman of this growing healthcare organisation. He has a medical background as a successful dental surgeon after obtaining his coveted dental degree in 1975. Originally from Tanzania, Dr. Sachedina has long been a British national after coming to the U.K. with his loving family. Sussex Healthcare delivers consistent and competent care by dedicated staff with a compassionate personality. Dr. Sachedina wants all of the residents to feel at home, and he also ensures that family members are treated equally as important.

The homelike environment inside the phenomenally beautiful buildings run by Sussex Healthcare is amazingly calm and relaxing. However, these seniors can rev up the pace as they participate in fun exercise classes, recreational pursuits and therapy based sessions. Dr. Sachedina is a role model for the kind of respectful service that Sussex Healthcare staff members are required to exhibit. He passionately believes in treating elders with the respect that they have certainly earned. These private care homes boast many fine activities, amenities and healthcare services.

Sussex Healthcare originated in 1985 with one small care home. Now, Sussex Healthcare senior homes are found in many U.K. locations. This organisation also operates exclusive care homes especially made for younger people with certain forms of mental and/or physical disabilities. The warm whirlpool spas offer a relaxation method that aids in joint mobility and lowers stiffness and achy pain. Other specialized care homes were created to deliver top quality care for residents suffering from some form of dementia. The facilities are constructed with safety in mind, and the interior decor still remains a homey feel. Residents get competent care by staff members skilled in these special care methods.

Every person that comes to Sussex Healthcare receives the highest level of care that they need. Shafik is passionate about providing elders with a care home that resembles a true home environment. Sussex Healthcare also offer compassionate palliative care or respite care options.

Dr. David Samadi Explains About Menopause In A Better Way

     Dr. David Samadi clearly states that a woman will go through menopause at some stage in her life. Menopause refers to a time when a woman does not have her menstrual cycle for a year. This is a normal condition experienced by all women as they get older. Menopause age and will mark the end of her reproductive years.

There are some women who are well aware of the entire process and hence know what to expect. But there are many others who do not have much knowledge about how this change is going to affect them. This is why Dr. David Samadi would like to help all such women by giving them the right information.

He states that the encounter of each woman with this phase in her life will be unique. It may lead to few and minor symptoms for some. Other women may have to encounter hot flashes, or weight gain, along with vaginal dryness.

This is why women need to know certain things before entering into this new chapter of their life. Discussing things with a healthcare professional like Dr. David Samadi can make this transition as smooth for them as possible.

He says that there is no fixed age when a woman will go through menopause. This is because all women are different. Typically women stop having their periods when they are between the ages of 45 to 55. Hence the average age of menopause can be considered as being 51.

In fact, menopause can start many years before a woman is even able to notice the changes. This can be during the early forties, or the mid- to late fifties. The age gets determined by her genetics too. Typically it will be the same age as that of her mother or sisters. But there are several other factors too which play a role. These include smoking, chemotherapy, and so on. These can accelerate the ovary decline which may lead to early menopause.

Perimenopause tends to precede the occurrence of menopause in a woman’s life. This is when a woman’s body is beginning the process of menopause. Hence the hormone production from ovaries is getting to decline. Now, this may also lead to hot flashes or irregular menstrual cycle for some women. It is only when a woman stops having her menstrual cycle for 12 consecutive months, can be considered as a state of menopause.

For more, see http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/fox-news-contributor-dr-david-samadi-announces-new-show-sunday-housecall-with-dr-david-samadi-live-online-sundays-300518094.html.

Depression is a Serious but Treatable Mental Ailment, Says Mental Disorders Expert, Neurocore

Each year, about 16 million adults in the United States struggle with depression. Often, this type of mental disorder comes with a lot of stigma around it, which leads to about 67 percent shying away from seeking medical attention. It is important to note that any person regardless of age or gender can be affected. Neurocore, an organization that focuses on mental disorders, shed some light on the rare-talked about mental ailment.

Types of Depression

Types of depression include Major Depressive Disorder, which shows sadness and low self-esteem. The signs occur every day and persist not longer than two weeks. Persistent Depressive Disorder is characterized by symptoms going for about two years. Postpartum Depression affects women after childbirth. There is also Seasonal Affective Disorder, which persists in seasons of less sunlight or winter.


Unlike other mental illnesses, no cause has been pinpointed to depression. Hard situations in life can make a person vulnerable to the ailment. Scientists have also linked genetic factors to depression. People whose lineage has experienced cases of depression have a higher risk of contracting it.

Signs & Symptoms

There are several symptoms of depression, but they differ from one patient to another. Weight gain or loss, numbness, sadness, and irritability are some of the common symptoms. Physical symptoms include headaches, shortness of breath, and tension among others.

Severe cases of depression can sometimes be fatal. Often, depressed people want to take their lives to end the pain. Statistics show that one person commits suicide in every 12.3 minutes in the United States. The worrying numbers indicate that people need to take action if a person close to them becomes suicidal. One can call the suicide prevention lifeline on 1-800-273-8255 for help.


The good news is that depression is treatable, the earlier a person seeks help, the more effective the treatment becomes. There are therapies that when combined with medication treats depression. Other advanced treatments include neurofeedback therapy.

About Neurocore

Neurocore is a leading organization that focuses on the mental disorders such as stress, lack of sleep, or concentration among others. The firm has facilities in Florida and Michigan.

Neurocore is committed to helping individuals with such ailments lead a normal life. In this breath, the firm provides proven treatments such as neurofeedback therapy and programs to the patients.

Please follow Neurocore on Facebook for further information.

Why Individuals With Cancer Choose Cancer Treatment Centers of America For Treatment

At Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA), patients can feel certain that their oncologist is offering them every viable treatment option for their cancer and its stage. Once all five CTCA adopted the Clinical Pathways program, which gives physicians access to information about all of the safe cancer therapies available today, since new treatments are in the news almost every day. It would be impossible for oncologists to access the clinical data from each new treatment and them determine how each new therapy would work on patients who have the same cancer at the same stage. The Clinical Pathways program allows oncologists to present their patient, and his or her family, with all of their options and all relevant data, so that they can make an informed decision.

CTCA have always been patient-centered facilities that do everything possible to make cancer patient’s lives easier. Patients have options for alternative therapies, such as seeing an acupuncturist, that can ease the symptoms of radiation and chemotherapy, which they can access while they are at a CTCA hospital. As part of CTCA’s patient-centered approach, the hospitals do not rely on referrals; instead, every CTCA patient has chosen to be there. Individuals may stay as long as they and their oncologist feel that additional treatments would be beneficial.

Founded in 1988, CTCA hospitals are fully accredited and feature cutting-edge cancer treatments, such as immunotherapy along with their holistic approach. CTCA is offering genomic testing to offer cancer care that is personalized down to the genomic level as well. Because of their advanced treatment options, CTCA hospitals are capable of treating individuals with complex, advanced stage cancer when other treatment providers have run out of options.