George Soros Looks To Bankroll The Hilary Clinton Campaign

The 2016 Presidential election has seen the rise of Donald Trump dominate the headlines for the Republican race, which has taken some of the shine off the race to become the Democratic candidate in a more civilized election campaign based on policy issues. The removal of the spotlight from the Democrat’s has seen the return to the political scene of major donor for the Democratic party, George Soros pass by without a large level of fanfare; the globally recognized hedge fund expert has not played a major role in an election campaign since 2004 when Soros provided funding for John Kerry’s ill fated campaign for the Presidency.

George Soros has spent a large amount of his career working in charitable roles with his own Open Society Foundations and to highlight human rights abuses using his own Twitter account. The life of George Soros has had a major effect on his political beliefs, particularly the experiences the Hungarian born Soros underwent during the Second World War. Soros now looks to use his own charitable groups to extend the ideology of democracy in areas of the world where freedoms are often limited.

Former First Lady and Secretary of State Hilary Clinton is the clear front runner for the nomination of the Democrat’s for the 2016 Presidential election, and has seen her future look a little brighter with the arrival of George Soros as a major donor. Soros was one of the first wealthy people in the U.S. to provide funding for the Super PAC era in 2004, but stepped away from major donations after feeling unhappy with his 2008 backing of President Barrack Obama.

George Soros has now written a $6 million check for the Priorities USA Super PAC dedicated to supportung the candidacy of Hilary Clinton, which is just the latest million dollar check written by Soros during the latest election cycle, Politico reports. Soros has joined a group of wealthy Democrat’s in providing backing for the presumptive Democratic candidate, which is seen as a response to the more than $1 billion expected to be raised by Republican Super PAC’s.