Guilherme Paulus: Scaling The Brazilian Tourism Sector

Brazil’s tourism sector is a primary economy shaker as the country receives about 6.36 million visitors annually and it ranks one of the best tourist attractions in Mexico and South America. Revenues from the international tourist are approximately US$5.8 billion, and it continues to attract more tourists. Brazil offers domestic as well as international tourists a fantastic range of scenery options with natural areas combined with leisure as well as recreation. One individual who has also contributed to the development of the tourist sector is Guilherme Paulus who was born in Sao Paulo.

When the young Paulus left his job as a junior computer technician at the prestigious IBM where he served as an intern to work as tourism personnel in charge of sales and travels, it was one of the best career- decision he made. The choice set him on the right path of the career as he met Carlos Vicente who financed his idea to start a tourism company. The firm offered unique packages to clients. Guilherme Paulus had more significant activities to these packages with the intention of making clients feel welcome. The idea was based on his past experiences where he worked as a travel sales person. Besides, this company added cruise trips to capture more clients.


The strategic moves initiated by Guilherme Paulus played a constructive role in the development as well as the growth of the firm’s revenues thereby allowing Paulus to oversee significant operations including the expansion of the company to new locations. Regardless of the market dominance by CVC, one of the best tour companies in Brazil, the firm has often referred to clients to seek accommodation in other prominent hotels with the sole purpose of empowering its clients. Guilherme Paulus saw this firm as an opportunity to launch a new wing that would serve clients by offering a wide range of services. He founded GJP Group of Hotels. The business allowed CVC Tours Company to channel revenues to its portfolio.

Founded in 2005, GJP Group of Hotels is one of the leading tours companies that has succeeded in providing clients with revolutionary tour packages.

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