TDL Global Ventures President and Legendary Investment Entrepreneur

Todd Lubar is the president of TDL Global Ventures and the vice-president of the Legendary Investment. He has a keen interest in real estate development with an experience of more than twenty years. He has been helping other fellow realtors in creating new properties. He has invested in other sectors like entertainment, constructions and mortgage banking. He has a dream of helping his clients get houses and own property.

He got the idea to start TDL when he was working in the finance and credit firms in the USA. Todd looked for a way in which he could reduce the obstructions in the industry that prevented people from getting loans that are used in development. His initiative was very useful and has helped people get their desired careers.

In interviews that he featured, he told the interviewers that his typical days start with breakfast with family as he is watching the news on the cable networks. He then goes to check on his emails then to the gym to compete with other realtors, and he ensures that he is ahead in the game regarding technology and advancements.

Todd is futuristic and aims at making his dreams a reality. With his 3D brainstorming technique, he comes up with genius innovations into the ideas that he has in mind. He gets excited about the technology that is in the real estate sector. Use of mobile banking and internet to talk with other people is magical.

Todd Lubar has excellent organization skills and is aggressive in making right decisions that will give profits to the company. In his work, he advises businesspeople to be trustworthy when doing business so that they can increase the number of clients.

Maryland Legacy Financial office is now established thanks to the incentives that he has created in his firm to attract loyal customers. Todd Lubar has been instrumental in the Charter Funding, an organization that helps the needy people.

He was at Syracuse University and got a BA, Speech Communication in 1995. His contribution in Charter Funding has given a chance to the poor people to pursue what they love and succeeded in life.

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North Korean Defector Yeonmi Park Faces a Bright New Future

Life has not been kind to Yeonmi Park, the 21-year-old defector from North Korea who is currently attending Dongguk University in Seoul, South Korea. As a child, she lived in North Korea and witnessed unthinkable atrocities, including brainwashing, extreme censorship and horrific executions. The government has almost complete control over everything that the citizens do, and Park yearns to change that situation. Now that she has escaped the misery of her past, she believes that the best way to do that is through awareness and education. By sharing her experiences, she can help ensure that those who are currently stuck in oppressive systems will find a way to escape or to change the system from the inside.

Park was only 13 years old when she and her mother bravely made their way into China, managing to get passed the guards poised to kill anyone attempting to cross the border. Unfortunately, their reward for this heroism was another form of oppression. Shortly after their arrival, the two of them were attacked, and Park was threatened with rape. Her mother offered herself up to be raped in her daughter’s place, and this was the beginning of two very traumatic years for them.

The mother and daughter were sold into slavery as part of China’s thriving human trafficking trade. These slaves are forced into hard labor, sexual exploitation and other terrible forms of captivity. Park eventually found herself as the mistress of a man who agreed to buy her parents, bringing the family back together. After her father died, she and her mother plotted another escape, and they trekked across the Gobi desert to land in Mongolia, a torturous journey that tested their reserves of strength and endurance. Park emerged from the ordeal with serious mental and emotional scars, and it took several years before she was able to recover her most painful memories.

Now, though, Park is thriving. She is incredibly intelligent and well-spoken, and people are listening. She appears frequently on TV both in South Korea and in other countries, sharing her personal experiences with the evils of totalitarianism and human trafficking. As an ambassador for Teach North Korean Refugees and a volunteer for the activist organization NUAH, she works tirelessly to create reform from the bottom up and to help those who have left North Korea to revel in their freedom as they begin to embrace their new lives.

Park is a gifted speaker who is fluent in Korean, Chinese and English. This makes it easier to connect not only with those in her own country but with people all over the world. She hopes to reach even more people with the memoir that she is writing about her life. It is her fervent wish that more and more people like her will begin to find the courage to speak out. Despite all of the horrors that she has undergone, Park shines with an optimism that can bring true inspiration to those who have given up hope for their freedom.