Micheal Phelps partners with Talkspace to strengthen the fight against mental disorders

Mental disorders have become quite rampant in the 21st century, with one out of four people struggling with conditions such as depression and anxiety. According to a report by the World health organization, about 450 million people struggle with these conditions on a day to day basis making it one of the leading causes of suicide. The sad bit about it is that even though treatment is available, about two-thirds of the people struggling with mental disorders never seek help. It is for this reason that Michael Phelps, an Olympic gold medalist in swimming joined hands with Talkspace, a renowned online therapy company to help those struggling with mental disorders.

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His struggle with mental disorders

It is easy to think that people who have it all cannot suffer from conditions such as depression, but in reality, they are the most affected. Speaking during an interview, Phelps revealed that despite his tremendous success as an athlete in the swimming arena, he has had his dark moments during which he lost all will to live. For instance, at the age of 19, just after bagging six gold medals during the 2004 summer Olympics, Michael suffered depression after pictures of him smoking marijuana surfaced online resulting into his suspension. However, his darkest moments and biggest struggle with depression hit him in 2014 after he was arrested for drunk driving. What made it even harder for him is that he had just abandoned the idea of retiring to compete in Olympics only for him to get arrested, thus making it impossible for him to participate.

It is at this juncture that he realized all was not well and checked into an Arizona Rehab. Even though he is now recovered, he reveals that life is still not all rainbow and sunshine as he still has those days where a wave of depression hits him. It is for this reason that he believes helping those with mental disorders recover is more important and also why he has been working arm in arm with Talkspace.

About Talkspace

As noted at the beginning, Talkspace is an online therapy company focused on helping those struggling with mental problems. Based in New York, the company is the brainchild of Oren and Roni Frank and the idea to establish it cropped up after the two went through couple of therapy experience that helped save their marriage from going down the drain.

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How Sussex Healthcare has succeeded over the years

Sussex Healthcare has been there for years, and since it entered the market, it has achieved great things. For the last twenty, the company has been providing the best and quality services to various people in the community like the seniors and others with disabilities. The people behind the successful management of Sussex Healthcare are Shafik Sachedina and Shiraz Boghani who are experienced, professionals and entrepreneurs. They are the leaders who have dedicated their time and worked hard to ensure the smooth running of the organization. The reason they have managed to run the firm successfully is that they are experienced in various fields, and they use the skills they have acquired over the years to lead the company successfully. Since it was started the center has been growing and today it has established facilities in various places.

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Patients with neurological disabilities have found the best care, and those who have Alzheimer’s disease also found Sussex Healthcare to be the best home. The patients have been receiving satisfactory services because the facility is one of the best in the United Kingdom. The best thing with Sussex is that it has staff members who have been trained and they are qualified for the job. The firm is always hiring the best professionals in the field. If you visit their website, you can quickly view the available posts, and you can apply if you have the right qualification. Since the goal of Sussex is to offer the best and standardized healthcare services, the staff members are trained even further once they have been hired. The company provides competitive compensation to its employees, and that is why they work hard to ensure they succeed in their duties. The seniors can access recreation facilities, and they also engage in leisure activities to make their lives enjoyable at the center. Check: https://www.inc.com/profile/sussex-healthcare

At Sussex Healthcare they care for those who need a special diet. They have chefs who have been thoroughly trained and who can offer the best meals depending on the diet needs of a patient. Shiraz Boghani is an accountant who is also in the hospitality industry while Shafik Sachedina is a surgeon who has remarkable experience in the industry. They work with a team of other professionals because they want to improve the delivery of services at the center. Learn more about Sussex Healthcare at companycheck.co.uk.


Simple Things to Do When Preparing for a Life Line Screening Procedure

Most people die of chronic diseases which if detected earlier such deaths could have been avoided. In the U.S alone, about 2.6 million patients die each year from diseases which otherwise would have been prevented if they would have been discovered in their earlier stages. This is why Life Line Screening has come as a new savior who will help most people get screened and find out whether they have any conditions that might lead to future complications and eventually death or disablement.

Life Line Screening is a company founded in 1993 to help in the detection of life-threatening conditions and prevent them from advancing into potential health risks. Life line screening is an important aspect as it will help you detect some of the most life-threatening complications that you might not have become aware of. The concept behind life line screening uses non-invasive methods in detecting any anomalies in your body hence it is a very secure and efficient procedure.

Most preventive screenings offered at Life Line Screening are essential as they are likely to help you identify different risk factors in your body and essentially change your lifestyle that might influence the development of such risk factors into full-grown health complications. By doing so, it will also save you from unnecessary financial troubles regarding medical bills.

It should be known that every individual carries a different set of health risk. Thus, some tests are very crucial than others depending on different known risk factors such as age, family medical history, gender and environmental risks. Life Line Screening provides different screening which includes; finger stick blood screening, electrocardiograph, and ultrasound screening.

Preparing for Lifeline Screening

Ultrasound screening entails a non-invasive and painless procedure. Even the blood screening procedures entail a simple finger-stick and just a few drops of blood. While some of the procedures may require some fasting hours before the procedure, others only require the patient to just wear loose clothing, and that is all. Here are some of the screening procedures and what is required before the procedure.

Carotid Artery Disease (Stroke)

Just wear a short-sleeved shirt with an open collar. Avoid wearing turtleneck shirts.

Artificial Fibrillation (Stroke)

It is most appropriate to wear a two-piece outfit which consists loose clothing. Avoid wearing pantyhose. Wearing a watch should be avoided, and your cell phone should be switched off. Also, avoid wearing lotions and other oils.

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

Before going to the screening, make sure any meal you take four hours prior to the screening is light. If you are to take any medication just do so as prescribed. Remember to wear a two-piece comfortable outfit. For diabetic patients, they should follow their diabetic care plan.

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FreedomPop Gears up for U.K. Launch

FreedomPop has been a stalwart source of affordable phone plans in America since their launch in 2011. The L.A. based tech firm has crafted a business plan that allows them to offer subscribers a completely free phone plan that is competitive with most basic plans, all without any sort of catch or trick. FreedomPop has grown upward and onward for the past three years and now that they’ve hit milestone subscribers in America, the turn will be made toward an international release. Right now CEO Stephen Stokols is gearing up FreedomPop for a launch into the United Kingdom with their flagship program, as reported by The Daily Mail.

The United Kingdom has a pretty competitive mobile phone marketplace right now thanks to a host of affordable basic plans. However, none of these affordable plans can hope to compete with an actually free service. This is where FreedomPop will instantly excel in comparison to other competitive services. FreedomPop offers their core plan completely free to subscribers and new U.K. customers should be ready to get in on the action. The free plan comes with a 200 minute, 200 text, 200 MB of data limit which can be improved upon if the subscriber wishes to expand the plan. FreedomPop is also offering third party surveys that can be completed in exchange for more free data. It’s a slick system that promises to both engage and grow a customer base ready for something new.

Registration for FreedomPop will be done on the internet or via the mobile FreedomPop app for iOS and Android software. The app can be used often after registration in order to monitor data, minute, and text usage as well as allow for upgrades to be handled seamlessly and without any sort of headaches. The first 10,000 users who sign up for the FreedomPop free program will receive a special plan for the first month that includes 1,000 minutes, 1,000 texts, and an entire GB of free data. This is FreedomPop’s way to reward those who make an attempt to get there early for the service.

Handybook For Future Cleaning

While the old way of getting things done around the house used to be the hard way or the highway, the future looks bright thanks to a brand new app and a tremendous new system. Introducing Handy, the cutting edge technology and design that allows users to find home services by simply touching their fingers to their phones. The future is now and there’s no other way to put it. Handybook is here and now.

When you think about all of the popular apps on the market that are sweeping the nation, from Facebook to Uber and a million and one other things in between, there’s no shortage to the number of applications that can connect people across a number of platforms. Handy on recode allows consumers and homeowners to find the exact type of people that they are looking for; contractors, cleaners, and general help.

There are currently some alternatives on the market, however they aren’t exactly direct competitors. They aren’t exactly in the same market as well when you picture it. There are definitely some similar solutions when you think about something like craigslist, however, you also have no idea who you are contacting and who you are giving your private information out to. You don’t know their qualifications, experience, or any other sort of background information about them either. Do you really want a stranger coming into your home, possibly when you aren’t there around your valuables and your family?

Handybook takes care of this entire process by allowing you to feel safe and secure in your own home. All of the potential contractors and representatives of Handybook are screened ahead of time, and there is a fairly hefty rejection rate. In other words, only the best of the best are able to be employed by Handybook. You can be sure that you are only getting qualified and experienced professionals with a brand and a name that you can trust.

The other way you could be thinking about trusting someone would be to say you could simply go after a professional cleaner or a cleaning service. They may have a top quality staff and no one will doubt their experience, but that might be something you will pay for with your wallet.

No-one is doubting the ability to get quality service these days, but the need for competitive service around your home is truly one that can’t sacrifice your budget. Enter Handybook, the top service that not only allows the screening to happen before a contractor sets foot in your house, but also allows the competitive marketplace to work as well. In short, you can have a plethora of home help at your fingertips, and the competition continues to allow the pricing to drive itself down. After all, if those contractors continue to get better and compete for your services, then you truly will have top quality talent looking for the opportunity to work.

In short, Handybook is helping markets to become more and more competitive all of the tme. Try Handybook today so that you can get the best services for the right prices.