Getting to Know Keith Mann

Keith Mann has been in the executive search industry for over one and a half decades. During this time, he has seen many opportunities and has utilized most of them. During this period, he has also been involved with his company that goes by the name Dynamic Search Partners. He established this firm in the year 2001. Years later, he saw an opportunity in the hedge fund industry and decided to launch the Alternative Investment Practice. With DSP, Keith Mann is the chairman and the chief executive officer and serves over 200 clients annually. According to reports by the company, DSP serves clients from all walks of life as it has customers from Europe, Asia, Africa and the United States of America.

Other than just business, Keith Mann is known as a man of the people as he likes to help the people around him. Some acts of kindness have been seen by supporting the education sector within his area as well as protecting the police when they came under attack by the police. He showed solidarity to the NYPD by sending them lunch two times. He also condemned attacks that are directed towards the police saying that civilians should be on the forefront of helping the police deal with the bad guys rather than attacking them. Some people say that he did this act of kindness as he has a family member who is a member of police.

Concerning the education sector, Keith Mann Partnered with the Uncommon Schools in Brooklyn to provide education to the less privileged students. He achieved this by establishing a scholarship that will be used to sponsor a child through college for four years. When making this announcement, Keith Mann said that the requirements for the participants is to write an essay explaining how a college education is likely to change their lives.

Keith Mann is usually a busy man. On a normal day, he has to answer calls, attend business meetings and read emails. He says that to remain productive; he prefers to take morning exercises. He is a fan of technology and says that the best way to stay ahead in business is incorporating technology in everything that one does.