NutriMost Loss Results

It’s not every day that you see a doctor promoting a diet weight loss program. NYC Fat Loss reported on Dr. Rob Vasquez, a wellness enthusiast who is working towards making Alamo City a healthier community. But Dr. Vasquez wasn’t always healthy himself.
First, he had to manage his own medical issues that included allergies, asthma, and headaches. He did this through the discovery of programs that worked on improving his overall health.

Dr. Vasquez used NutriMost to shed 35 pounds within 40 days. He says, “The best part is that I lost over 60 pounds, and that was a year ago, and I’ve been able to keep it off.”
He continues with saying,”I struggled with my weight my entire adult life; I would try different diet programs: prepackaged meals, powders, shakes- you name it, I did it. And I would always get stuck.”
His frustration led him to seek ways to help others that were stuck in his similar, prior situation. His office in San Antonio offers NutriMost to everyone. NutriMost clients have experienced improvements in a variety of serious medical conditions, including Type 2 diabetes, chronic pain, high blood pressure, psoriasis and low energy. This is done through examining the body and analyzing an individual’s eating habits.

There are five approaches that NutriMost uses to get you healthy:

• Conduct a Body Composition Analysis of Your Weight, Body Mass Index, Fat Percentage, and Body Water Percentage
• Find Out What Foods Cause You to Lose Weight
• Educate You On Good Sugars and Bad Sugars
• Suggest You Eat More Vegetables
• Promote Organic Food Purchases
The above list outlines the process. For more details visit or call the Vasquez and his NutriMost San Antonio team at 844-505-THIN. Don’t wait, contact us to help you with a better you!
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