Nobilis Health: Towards a Vigorous Nation.

Nobilis Health strives to provide superior medical care, affordable health care and good customer ratings due to its leadership that manages and develops more than 100 surgical centers across the United States. The health care and management services center capabilities include developing and maintaining of surgical centers, staff management, Point of care marketing, legal, direct to consumer marketing, revenue cycle management, facilities management, patient recruitment, mergers and acquisitions, physician marketing, among others. The team of surgeons backing up the company offer surgeries such as podiatry, general surgery, ENT (Otolaryngology), gastrointestinal scopes, pain management, general surgery and spine surgery.

The outpatient surgery centers are located in Dallas, Arizona and in Huston, Texas. The management team is made up of Harry Fleming, who has a 25 years’ experience in legal corporate finance and security law. Kenny Klein, the current CFO has more than five years worked as a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for Menninger Clinic. Other members of management include Patrick Yoder the Executive Vice President of Sales, the VP of Operations Michael Nelson, Barry Katz, and Neil Badlani the VP of Medical Affairs.

In the stock market analysis, the company has good ratings and are expected to improve. Mackie Research Capital experts did a research, which further points out a significant improvement of the share by up to 72% within a year. This progress in its shares is due to the increase in acquiring more healthcare facilities through agreements like the accord that led to the adoption of Northstar Healthcare. Current trends indicate an increase in aged population thus raising the demand for healthcare services which is the main focus of Nobilis Health. That effect will improve the share value of the company.