An Adept Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a skilled and experienced medical professional. She has been a cosmetic plastic surgeon for 15 years. Dr. Walden works exclusively with cosmetic surgery. Her work is rooted in her desire to build up women, to give them a better quality of life. Indeed she states, “…one of my goals was to help women, to help them improve upon themselves, and the way I saw it, surgery was a way for women to have a better quality of life and a self-confidence they’d never felt.” This goal has driven her to great success within the field. She has often been called on to act as a knowledgeable authority on issues regarding plastic surgery. She has served as a commentator for media giants such as ABC News, and Fox News.

A native of Austin Texas, she attended the University of Texas Medical Branch, where she received her Doctor of Medicine. Ironically, she was salutatorian of her class, despite being waitlisted originally. Dr. Walden worked in New York City for several years before moving back to Austin.

Overall, Dr. Walden is a skilled plastic surgeon with years of experience. Her goals have led her to do great things in the world of plastic surgery, and the broader medical field.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden and Her Work

Dr. Jennifer Walden started her education at the University of Texas at Austin. At that school, she received a BA in Biology. She went on to study in Galveston, at the University of Texas Medical Branch. She received an MD in Medicine at that school and learned more about what it would take to be a good doctor. Dr. Jennifer Walden completed a residency at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, spending five years working at that. She also completed a fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. She was educated in a variety of ways and received schooling that helped her become the doctor that she is today. The education that she received pushed her and helped her learn how to care for patients. To know more about her click here.

Dr. Jennifer Walden worked as a program director at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. She took on the work of directing Aesthetic Surgery while working there. Currently, she is a plastic surgeon who cares for a variety of patients. She is the owner and the medical director of Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center. This is a private practice that she has started up, and she is the solo doctor working for this practice. She handles many types of surgeries and makes sure that each one of her patients receives the care that is right for them. Dr. Jennifer Walden specializes in completing breast augmentations and breast lifts. She also handles facial cosmetic surgery on those patients who are looking to change the way that they look.

Jennifer Walden

One of the most successful female surgeons in the United States is returning to her hometown to work. Jennifer Walden is one of the most noted and recognized beauty surgeons in the field. Add to that the fact that she is a woman in an extremely male-dominated area and she sticks out even more. She is setting up shop in her hometown of Austin, TX to bring her expertise and experience to patients in that area.


She also attended college in the city of Austin. She received her undergraduate degree there and then attended medical school as well. Her road to medical school was exactly lined with roses, though. She was wait-listed at first and wasn’t immediately admitted into the school. Once she was, she wanted to prove to the officials that they made a mistake. Walden did just that by graduating from medical school as the salutatorian of the class.


While she was in medical school she decided upon plastic surgery as her field of expertise as a surgeon. She has said that she enjoys the artistry of being a plastic surgeon. She also loved the immediate results that it provided. She moved from Texas after her schooling as she received her residency assignment.


Her residency was in Manhattan in New York City at a very reputable hospital. This hospital was the Manhattan Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat Hospital. There are only 2 residents chosen each year nationwide and she was chosen as one of them.


One the reasons that she chose to move back to Austin is to be closer to her family as she is raising her own family. She was a dedicated career woman in her 20s and early 30s. She then shifted some of the focus onto her personal life and decided to create some more balance in her life by having children. She gave birth to twin boys in November of 2010 via In-Vitro pregnancy.


Austin is very lucky to have a such a skilled and experienced surgeon working there. She should be an inspiration to some as she has moved back to her hometown and restarted her practice from the ground up. She should be the first choice of anyone that is considering plastic surgery.

How Many Other Options Does Dr. Walden Have Besides Surgery?

There are a lot of people who are afraid to go see a plastic surgeon because the do not want to go through surgery. They are scared of the prospects of being in surgery, and they are going to avoid it at all costs. There are other options that are not actually surgeries, but they are still going to help people look great. Dr. Jennifer Walden is a master of helping people look their best, and she has a lot of options in her office that are going to help people avoid surgeries.

The first thing that people are looking for is simple things like Botox, and Dr. Jennifer can help administer that when people come to the office. She knows that everyone has a different need, but she can talk someone through the process of getting the right dosage. She will help people understand what can be done to get their bodies into the right condition, and she can show people how it will work when she uses it in different areas.

The same thing is very true of other simple procedures because Dr. Jennifer know what the results are going to look like once she has complete her work. She wants to make sure that every person who comes to her can see what will happen when she does the work, and she wants to explain to her patients how it is going to work for them once they start a course of treatment. Some people are going to need just one appointment, but other people are going to need multiple appointments.

They can schedule their appointments when they come to see Dr. Jennifer, and it is important that everyone asks how long it will take to get their treatments done. People can work out their schedules to come to see Dr. Jennifer, and they will be able to change the way that they are going to look based on what she offers. Dr. Jennifer will tell people what can make them look the best, and then she can set up appointments for every patient to make a change.


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