Bury Bad Articles Match Made in PR Heaven


Growing up I was always told that you can’t change the past but you can control how you react to it. As a media relations specialist I have learned how to be proactive when it comes to managing the media and online reputations. I decided that the best investment I could make for my clients was purchasing BBA(also known as Bury Bad Articles). This platform allows me to get rid of bad articles that may be tarnishing my company’s image and I absolutely love it. It moves much faster than I ever could on my own when it comes to getting rid of negative press.

For so many years I have been using the traditional method of getting rid of bad media which is by creating good news for people to post about. I began to notice that was taking entirely too long and the more I focused on pushing good news the more I got away from letting things happen organically without me always feeling like I had to make things happen for my client. When I first discovered BBA I must admit I was very apprehensive. I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to put my trust in a company to bury my bad articles because it felt unethical it felt forced and most of all i wondered if google would find out about my tactics and penalize my site. Then the best thing that could’ve happened during my buying decision happened, Moz endorsed BBA and then I knew it was a match made in heaven.