Pittsburgh Steelers Clothing Makes a Comeback

Susan McGalla is turning a new page in NFL history as the Director of Strategic Planning for the Pittsburgh Steelers. This is not a position that is commonly held by women for any NFL team. That makes her a powerful executive that is blazing trails for women in corporate America. This is not the only reason that her name is taking a front seat on the minds of Pittsburgh Steelers fans though. She is also the executive that is in charge of the clothing campaign. McGallas has managed to lure a lot of customers back to the clothing line for the Steelers by revamping what is available for customers to choose. The clothing industry is something that McGalla is very familiar with, and any company that has her in charge of the clothing line is in good hands. Susan McGalla is from Pittsburgh so she already has a vested interest in the city. She is a native that has learned football from her father and brother. That has given her the ability to learn the game and know the type of fans that she is trying to reach. This gives her the ability to truly build on the audience that she has in the NFL. Fashion is something that she is already familiar with so it has been easy for her to lure more customers. She is a branding expert, and she has even worked as a consultant on her own after reaching CEO status. It is safe to say that Susan knows every aspect of the business. The clothing Facebook campaign is a step in the right direction because she knows that the fan support will boost the spirits of the players. Everyone does not have the ability to market football clothing, but Susan has found an exciting way to present these new garments. She has managed to assert herself and introduce the clothing to a wide range of customers. Young adults and middle aged fans have something to look forward to. This brand new campaign is bound to attract some consumers that have never even purchased any sports gear before.