Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer’s Increasing Prominence Everywhere

Duda Melzer has been a businessman in Brazil with much prominence for many years. He’s recently gained even more presence by becoming the CEO of his family’s business RBS Group. This company is involved in all different types of media serving Brazil, however gaining ground in many other countries including the US. Duda also founded the e.Bricks Digital company, which invests in startups by venture capital funding and private equity. The company had funded over 100 million in its first years and has reached up to 300 million within the last year. The success of Duda’s efforts has been the result of dedication to his family, education and career objectives.

According to Acaert, Duda Melzer began his postsecondary education in Brazil. He earned a bachelor’s degree and then came to the US to earn a master’s degree. Being a graduate of Harvard University’s MBA program connected Duda with many powerful players in business; a mentor of his is one of the most sought after business consultants in the world. Taking coursework that would enhance his entrepreneurial mindset in relation to family run enterprises was a perfect union. He not only worked for his family’s company representing the US, he was also CEO of Box Top Media in New York City. Duda has also worked in the field of finance. Having such a broad skill set has given him a huge competitive advantage in the market. His companies are so successful they rank among Google in customer ratings.

An impressive track record is just the beginning of Duda’s achievements. He’s been recognized by several organizations for his leadership and exceptional management skills. Marketing and entrepreneurial accolades have also been given by some of the most influential organizations in the family-based business enterprise category. His work is so influential; he’s regularly called on to attend conferences with many media outfits. Duda’s influence continues to benefit the community he’s a part of and even the most prominent business moguls around.

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