EOS- Kissing the Competition Goodbye

As anyone in the business world will tell you, to succeed in a highly competitive market, you need three things.

First, an innovative idea. As most girls will tell you, there’s something luxurious about makeup that’s in unique packaging. Getting out a boring tube every time your lips need a little moisture is mundane. Balm pots can be interesting but many women found them unsanitary since it’s necessary to dip your fingers in time after time. Fortunately for everyone, EOS (evolutionofsmooth.com) has shown itself to be as creative as it is business savvy when it created the lip balm ball. These fun little spheres fit easily in any woman’s purse and the smooth ball of balm can be downright hypnotizing!

Another essential ingredient is an empty space in the market for your product.

When founders: Mehra, Jonathan Teller, and Craig Dubitsky noticed that the traditional tube of lip balm was “indistinguishable” from the same product from the 1800s, they knew they found their niche.

The third and final business essential is plain hard work and perseverence.

Since EOS lip balm was designed so drastically different from any other beauty product, a lot of male buyers shied away from a product that seemed weird to them. Thankfully, there were some women who caught EOS’s vision and the millennials’ favorite product was born.

It didn’t take the internet long to start blogging and posting about these brightly colored “eggs” and as of right now, they’re selling one million units on Walmart and other leading stores every single week!

One would think that after such a huge success you would rest on their laurels but not EOS. We can all look forward to even better products to come from this David Company that beat the Goliath industries of Chapstick and Burt’s Bees.


EOS Lip Balm And How They Bloomed

Evolution Of Smooth is a brand of the ages, designed with women in mind. Seeing that the high majority of customers engaging in the lip care world were women who wanted to maintain their luscious, smooth lips through purchasing lip balms that smelled and looked like medicine as oppose to something personalized and fun, Craig Dubitsky decided it was time to put life into the swing of things by coming toe to toe with Chapsticks and Blistex to create an egg-like product that revolutionized the way the people saw lip care products on stores such as Target and Walmart for the first time in a very long and boring road.

Creating the ovular EOS Lip Balm to have multiple different flavors like Sweet Mint and Vanilla Bean alongside more exotic flavors such as Passion Fruit and Honeysuckle Honeydew, it quickly became a favorite amongst the fashionable men and women on Facebook. Designed after the lip gloss buckets popular at the time but with a much more hygienic style in mind thanks to the lack of having to dunk your fingers into the tub, EOS Lip Balm has been at the forefront of awesome since their first conception when Craig Dubitsky was first figuring out the semantics to bring the idea to life.

Engaging the five most popularly parroted senses actively, with a slick and smooth design that’s relaxing to the touch, a sweet scent that will stick, a taste to happily linger, a beautiful pastel design that all together in a row fits into a clever ombre, and finally that accomplishing click that secures you with the pep in your step to keep you going with erect posture, happily ready to take on the day and all it has to offer.

EOS Lip Balm became a giant almost overnight and today it is a favorite worldwide.