Unraveling Bruno Fagali’s Legal Career

Bruno Jorge Fagali is among the rising Brazilian lawyers that are trying to incorporate a new aspect to the nation’s legal system. The lawyer has achieved an unprecedented reputation following his vast knowledge and extensive legal experience in administrative law.

Since 2006, Fagali has engaged himself in numerous law disciplines by practicing in many law firms. Currently, he owns Fagali Advocacy firm where he practices independently and serves as Nova/SB’s corporate manager in integrity.

Bruno Fagali graduated with a bachelor’s degree in law from the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo in 2009. He also specialized in administrative law from the same institution in 2012. He later did masters in state law at the University of Sao Paulo in 2017. Bruno’s skills include state law, administrative law, and parliamentary law.

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Bruno Fagali started the Fagali Advocacy with the objective of combining the in-depth knowledge of its group members to act with the utmost commitment to the areas of interest to its clients. The law firm has a highly specialized team that majors in public law, advertising law, compliance, as well as electoral and parliamentary laws. The company guarantees of absolute dedication and commitment to the defense of its clients’ interests in a bid to maintain its high standard of excellence. The defense process is in a responsible, attentive, ethical, modern, and personalized way. The institution also offers differentiated legal services to those who are different and seeking to remain so.

Bruno Fagali has a reputation of legal professionalism and integrity. Being a specialized attorney Bruno Fagali displays his expertise in handling bidding law, civil law, popular actions, civil actions, and administrative contracts. The attorney dedicates himself to cleaning up the effects of corruption regarding public funds. Bruno Fagali assists corporates in initiating drives that would bring transparency to the organizations.

Bruno Fagali helped Nova/SB build an ethics committee. He is the manager in charge of integrity within this organization. He helped perform a specialized training to the company’s employees regarding completeness. Bruno Fagali is still an active associate of the Brazilian Institute of Law and Corporate Ethics and has membership in the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics.

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Anthony Petrello, the Personality Behind Nabors Industry Ltd Success

Anthony Petrello went to both Harvard University where he obtained a J.D. degree from Law School and Yale University where he attained a BS and MS degrees in Mathematics. In the year 1979, his professional journey kicked off after he joined Baker and Mckenzie law firm. He became the Managing Partner of the company’s office in New York from 1986 to 1991.

Anthony worked at Nabors Industries as the Chief Operating Officer in the year 1991. The following year he rose in ranks to become President of Nabors Industry Ltd. Nine years later, he served as Deputy Chairman of the company a position he remained with until June 2012. Also, he had served as Chief Executive Officer of the same company in 2011.The Hamilton-based company in Bermuda, Nabors Industry, is the biggest geothermal and natural gas drilling contractor in the world. The company’s areas of operation include Africa, Far and the Middle East and the United States of America. It has improved from a small Anglo Energy, Ltd, thanks to the significant role played by Anthony.

The Chairman of Board of Nabors since 2011, Anthony Petrello, also became Director of Stewart and Stevenson, LLC. Other areas where he served include Director to MediaOnDemand.com, besides being the present Director of Texas Children’s Hospital.Anthony’s Salary total of reimbursement for FY 2015 is $27,512,939. Among this amount, he got a salary of $1,580,077, bonus of $7,727,000, a stock of $16,863,656 and other diverse compensation kinds that amount to $1,342,206.

Apart from working as the manager of Stewart and Stevenson LLC and Hilcorp Energy Company, Anthony serves as a Board of Trustees of Texas Children’s Hospital. Besides, he supports research and programs in clinical which addresses special needs children with neurological disorders.The daughter of Anthony Petrello was established to be having periventricular leukomalacia, a common neurological ailment in babies caused by inadequate oxygen or blood flow supply to the brain. This condition leads to the child to develop chronically impaired motor skills and delay issues; a state referred to as cerebral palsy. With no other option, Anthony and his wife dedicated themselves to find the answers to this situation. Learn More.

The SEC Whistleblower Attorney’s Role in promoting Integrity

The whistleblower program was introduced by U.S. security and exchange commission (SEC). The program was launched in July 2010 when President Obama assented to the Wall Street reform and consumer protection act.

The act introduced a whistleblower reward program which is run by a retired high ranking enforcement attorney for security and exchange commissions. The rewards are offered to individuals who report or submit tips about companies or individuals that violate the exchange commodity act.

The SEC rewards whistleblowers using 10 to 30 collectable sanctions. The sanctions are convertible to a specific monetary value that is paid from an investor protection fund run by SEC.

The whistleblower program works through the following steps:
1. The intake stage: In this stage, a whistleblower makes a submission to SEC. SEC then makes preliminary review to determine whether further investigations to the subject shall be conducted. If the office of the market intelligence (OMI) establishes that a submission warrant for more investigation, the office assigns the complaint to one of its regional offices.

If the office determines that a complaint requires no further investigation, the complaint is then designated as no further action (NFA). The whistleblower has a right to appeal the decision to classify his or her complaint as an NFA.

2. Tracking stage: In this step, the office in charge of the whistleblower assigns a staff member to monitor the progress of the investigative officer assigned to the submissions. The office also makes follow ups to ensure that the complainant is compliant with SEC’s terms. It also reviews the helpfulness of the information they have provided. The office also files and ensures safekeeping of the documents required to award whistleblowers.

3. Claiming the award: A whistleblower can claim a monetary award if the information he or she provided made a significant contribution to investigations or lead to a successful SEC action against the accused. If the monetary value of the sanctions claimed exceed $1 million, the whistleblower could receive the money as per stipulated in the awarding criteria.

A whistleblower has up to three months to claim his/her award by submitting a WB-APP application. The notice date and the due date of an award is displayed at the office of the whistleblowers website.

Since its inception, various awards have been paid out to whistleblowers. The awards range from tens of thousands to more than ten million dollars. When approving the disbursement of awards, the office of the whistleblower recommends including a package for the staff that handled the claim reviews.

One of New York’s Best Lawyers: Ross Abelow

If you reside or do business in New York City, you may need the legal services of an expert at one point or another. In New York, there are so many lawyers that choosing one can be a difficult task if you do not know what you are looking for. There are many lawyers in the city but there are those who stand out and who you need to work with for the best results.


One good lawyer in New York City is Ross Abelow. You might have heard about Ross from the news and social media. He is the brains behind the initiative to raise money and help animal shelters in New York City. He started a Go Fund Me campaign early this year so as to help contribute money so as to help these shelters to take in more animals left out in the cold.


The idea was conceived as a result of Abelow’s passion for animals. He saw the need to remove the animals dying out in the cold with no food and shelter. The problem was that the shelters in the city were either congested or not fully equipped to accommodate more animals. The money raised would go towards procuring vaccination, food, medicine and bedding for the animals.


Apart from his work as a philanthropist and lover of animals, Ross Abelow is also a lawyer whose practice is appreciated by a wide variety of clientele. For starters, he is a family lawyer who handles issues to do with matrimonial issues as well as succession matters. He helps spouses get through judicial separation or divorce. He also helps them consider issues such as custody of their children, maintenance and the division of their assets once they separate.


Ross also advises clients on the need to draft valid wills to help put their wishes down in writing. The best way of doing this is to draft a will that includes all your dependents and the assets you wish to distribute. The will is also witnessed and attested to before it becomes valid.


Apart from family law and succession law, Abelow is also a commercial and entertainment lawyer. His clients include businesses and entertainers as well as celebrities. He helps them draft valid contracts and to recognize their liabilities under the agreements they make. As a commercial lawyer, he also gives legal advice concerning tax obligations and other legal requirements.

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Why Get Specialty Attorneys in New York

Hiring a lawyer to represent you in legal situations is always a good call. It is best to have a lawyer that specializes in a particular area of practice to represent you. For instance, if you have a family case, and need legal representation, find a family attorney in New York. There are several reasons to pick a specialty lawyer.


For one, a lawyer that specializes in certain types of cases will provide you with unparalleled expertise. Such a lawyer has handled family cases for years and will, therefore, have an exceptional grasp of how those kinds of situations work. They will know who to talk to and what moves to make. You can count on a lawyer who has been dealing with consumer cases for years to know the best strategies to use. A lawyer that has spent a chunk of his or her career specializing in a particular field has an endless wealth of information in hand.

Understanding of the Legal Process

A specialty lawyer also understands the legal processes exhaustively. The laws of New York State concerning individual cases vary widely. If you have a case involving entertainment law, for instance, you have to find a lawyer such as Ross Abelow, who has dealt with such issues. Such a lawyer will understand the legal requirements in entertainment law that are usually very complex. The entertainment field is vast and multifaceted; with matters of contracts, copyrights, business, and others. A lawyer like Ross Abelow, who knows how the entertainment industry in New York works suits you best in such legal matters.

If you want representation in your divorce case, then Ross Abelow knows just how to go about it. Since the expert has dealt with similar cases like those in the past, he will ensure that both parties get fairly treated. He also has a clear comprehension of separation of assets in New York. If your case does end up in court, your lawyer will handle it excellently since it is not a new situation for him.

No matter how small your case may seem, it is advisable to get a lawyer that specializes in such matters. So many things could potentially go wrong with a case, and you have to be sure that you are ready. A lawyer like Ross Abelow will provide you the representation you need for entertainment, family, divorce, and consumer cases in New York. The legal specialist specializes in particular cases, and will offer you the advantage you need to emerge triumphant.

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