Highlights of Fortress Investment Group’s Two-Decade Success

In 2018, Fortress Investment Group celebrated its 20th birthday. Throughout this period, the firm has acquired several companies, attracted multiple investors, opened its boundaries to cover more regions, as well as appointed best talents to cooperate with clients.

What achievements has the company attained?

  1. It manages assets worth $41.4 billion

As at June 2018, Fortress Investment Group announced that it was managing financial and physical assets worth $41.4 billion from 1750 individual and institution-based investors. It is an invaluable increase from the $400 million assets that were under the management of Fortress in 1998.

  1. The company has a qualified team of investment and financial experts

Fortress Investment Group brags of a dedicated team of experts with a solid background in the world’s major industries. The organization focuses on asset-based investing, sector-specific expertise and investment, assessment of operational challenges, as well as the execution of mergers & acquisitions. Moreover, the experts specialize in securing low-risk financing for Fortress’ portfolio companies.

The team is led by Randal Nardone, Peter Briger, and Wes Edens. Mr. Briger supervises the group’s credit division. The division houses Fortress Japan Income Fund, Drawbridge Special Opportunities, and Fortress Real Estate Opportunities.

Edens and Nardone manage Fortress’ private equity division. The division focuses on generating cash flow from several investments located in North America, Western European, and the Caribbean. Some of the investment vehicles operated by the private equity division are; Global Signal, Brookdale Senior Living, and Nationstar Mortgage Holdings.

  1. Fortress Investment Group has a diverse investment portfolio

Fortress operates various investment vehicles spread across the world’s transportation, real estate, retail, financial services, healthcare, and energy sectors. The investment vehicles operate in Europe, the United States, Asia, North America, and other regions.

The primary organizations that makeup Fortress’ investment portfolio include; Florida East Coast Railway, Holiday Retirement, OneMain Holdings, Aircastle, and Springleaf Financial Services. Fortress Investment Group Partners with iPass to the Tune of $20M in Credit

  1. Fortress is the winner of prestigious honors

In 2010, Fortress Investment Group won the Credit-Focused Fund of the Year, a prestigious award given to hedge funds with exceptional customer satisfaction rates. In 2012, the investment manager secured the Management Firm of the Year, an award offered by HFMWeek. Two years later, Fortress acquired HFMWeek’s ‘Management Firm of the Year’ title.

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Insights on Investment by Igor Cornelsen

Investing is the one sure way one is able to get good returns. Long gone are the days in which people relied on their salaries to sustain their life style. Now days the cost of living is so high that people have resorted to other alternative ways of getting money. One such way is investing.

In the year 2014 Brazil’s economy was not that good and most of the public banks suffered. Nonetheless two top private banks experienced some tremendous growth due to the increase in the number of customer base which means a slight increase also in their profit margins. Brazilian financial institutions have gone to an extend where they only lend money to reliable and trusted customers so that they feel some sense of security when their money is out there.

Igor Cornelsen who according to disqus.com is the best Brazilian banker and investor had some insights into the fiscal management of Brazilian Economy. He states that the government ought to make reforms in the banking sector to enable investors to set foot into Brazilian and invest their cash in different available investment sectors in the country.

Brazil is the leading exporter of raw materials to China. The country ought to give incentives to investors so that they can explore Brazilian markets. What investors want is a sense of security knowing that where they have invested their cash is safe and will give them good returns.

Brazil is the world largest country with its citizen population also is high. There are many investment opportunities available in the infrastructural sector because of the ever growing population. Brazil also has quite a number of natural resources and is the worlds’ top food producer. Igor Cornelsen is of the view that the government should make the investing climate attractive so that Brazil can attract investors.

The Brazilian president’s move to appoint Joaquim Levy as the finance minister has been welcomed by many including the top investors like Igor. Joaquim’s views on fiscal management and his strategies are so good and his approach on fiscal matters is all that Brazil has been yearning for. Banks are very optimistic that he would bring the much needed change in the banking sector considering that his approach is much more different than the president’s. Joaquim hold a PhD from Chicago University and has previously worked with International Monetary Fund. He brings a wide and vast knowledge into the finance docket of the Brazilian government and is expected to steer the country into success.

Igor Cornelsen who is a long term investor in Brazil gives out some advice on investments. He urges people to invest in many small firms instead of investing in one large firm because it is risky to invest in one considering it does not bring returns. Investing in many means at the end of the day one will get out with something as opposed to one if it runs into a loss.