Securus Technologies Begins Year with Peer Recognition

As in many things a company’s measure can be viewed as seen through the eyes of their colleagues. It is a challenging task to bring about a nod of approval from those who are in competition with you. With that being said it was with a sense of true humility that Securus Technologies received the Golden Stevie Award for the finest Customer Service Training program among its business peers. This award marks again a forward and discerning step toward excellence in the area of civil and criminal justice technology solutions.


Securus Technologies has been a leader for many years in the disciplines of incident management, investigation, communication, information management, inmate self-service, and monitoring products and services. With this background Securus realizes that a company is only as good as their customer service. It’s not all glitter and glitz, it is the back bone of any company to ensure that after the product or service has been instituted the customer must feel at ease when there is a situation that they cannot resolve. It is imperative to keep the client even happier during the use of their service. It is that, and that alone that builds a great company.


With the Golden Stevie Award, Securus shows itself as a leader in the philosophy that the customer truly does come first. This is the first among many awards to mark 2017 as the year where Securus brings about a revolutionary change in the customer service industry. Through its insightful training program and bleeding edge technologies anyone can easily see why Securus was chosen for this most prestigious award. To put in more concisely Danny de Hoyos, Senior Vice President of Operations at Securus Technologies offers, “It’s great to be recognized by independent experts for the great strides we’ve made in customer service.”. A warm and well deserved congratulations to the team at Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies Continues Growth

The communication industry is one of the biggest and most profitable industries in the world. For more than ten years, one of the top providers of communications products and services in the world has been Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies is best known for being a service provider leader to the law enforcement industry. While they are still a young and growing company, the company now has more than 1,000 customers that ultimately serve more than 1 million inmates across the globe.


While there are a lot of companies that try to compete in this part of the industry, Securus Technologies has continued to be a leader due to its innovation in the field. The company today is best known for its video visitation platform. This platform allows inmates and loved ones to connect like never before. While it has made for happier inmates, it has also reduced the need for in-person visitation. This has provided a significant administrative relief to the correctional facilities. Securus Technologies has also been able to provide a monitoring service for these video chats, which has actually been able to be used to help prevent crimes from occurring inside and outside of the prison system.


To help support their growing business, Securus Technologies has continued to ensure that they are fully staffed and able to provide the service that is needed. One of the biggest investments that Securus Technologies has made was the building of a new data center in Dallas, TX. This data center, which also serves as a call center, has created several hundred new jobs for the local area. Today, Securus Technologies has more than 1,000 employees that provide a number of different services for the company.

Families Can Visit Incarcerated Loved Ones For Christmas Without Even Having To Travel

Sometimes Christmas can be difficult for families that have loved ones behind bars. In some cases, traveling to visit them could take time, money and even involve waiting times and a short visitation window. But with all the technology that’s available today, it’s possible to have visitations right in your own living room. That’s what Securus Technologies does through their video visitation program, connecting families to incarcerated loved ones through the internet and using in-facility cameras and webcams on the family’s end. Now with Christmas not far away, inmates can see the joy on family member’s faces when they open presents, make Christmas cookies, or partake of other festivities. Video visitation services have shown to be an encouraging factor for inmates, helping them get through their time and potentially even ending it sooner.

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Securus Technologies, the provider of these video visitation services has been in business since 1986 based out of Dallas, TX. Securus provides the telecommunications systems for thousands of correctional facilities and millions of inmates throughout the US, keeping them in touch with their families. Securus has a prepaid debit and direct billing system to make phone calls easier and less expensive for inmates. Securus has even started rolling out tablets with controlled access for inmates to make basic purchases and even to enroll in online courses.


Securus Technologies also provides a reliable platform for facility staff and law enforcement on the outside. Their monitoring software can scan incoming mail and electronic messages for any threats or contraband, and voice recognition programs such as THREADS can detect any suspicious phone calling patterns or associates. Securus has built an elaborate surveillance system and includes network management and resource allocation for corrections administrators. Using location-based detection services, prison staff and investigators can even detect cell phone locations of any calls made to them.


Securus Technologies new Software gives investigators an advanced voice sampling feature

Securus Technologies is the provider of investigator Pro software. This software notes criminal calling patterns or other sensitive issues. I find this software critical in the investigative and correction industry since it alerts detectives on suspicious calls so that they can quickly prioritize investigations. The software is powerful since it comes with an impressive dashboard which automatically collects and analyses a vast amount of information that would have been too intensive to gather and interpret. More importantly, the investigator Pro 4.0 comes with a new software feature that gives the correction industry a means to unravel criminal plans before it is too late.



I find that the most recent addition to the software as critical since it gives investigators the ability to select voice samples from the called party or the inmate. The selected samples can the be used to do a sample search where a similar voice occurs. This should help investigators uncover high-interest and other potential criminal activities through identifying the called parties voice. According to the Chief Operating Officer, the software should create a new dimension in investigations to stop crime before it happens.


The latest addition is meant to combine with other features of investigator Pro. Some of these functions include high-interest calls, 3-way call detection, and intelligence analysis. The high-interest call identifies and alerts investigators enabling them to spend less time monitoring and more time investigating. The intelligence analysis should intercept illicit activities and analyse criminal calling patterns.


Securus Technologies is simply one of the largest players in the detainee and government information management solutions. According to Crunchbase, the company has served correction facilities in about 45 states and helped millions of inmates nationwide. I find the Securus imperative for our security since it has a sole focus on the specialized needs of law enforcement and correction institution. The company itself is BBB accredited and meets BBB standards to make an effort to resolve consumer complaints.




ConnectUs Automated Forms by Securus Are The Best In The Industry

When it comes to technology as used in correctional facilities, Securus Technologies is one of the most, if not the most, premiere options on the market. That’s likely one of the reasons they’ve been rated at A+ by the Better Business Bureau.

Securus’ goal is to always be on the cutting edge of the technology industry. To that end, their most recent innovation allows for exceptional savings in both resources and time. Additionally, there could be savings in altercations as well, and the fallout which naturally surrounds such instances. When inmates don’t have to rely on a guard for a status update, then there’s no reason for rudeness between the two.

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This new innovation from Securus Technologies is a very simple one, but one that is elegant in its simplicity. It is called ConnectUs Automated Forms, and the idea is to replace 20th century means of conducting paperwork with 21st century innovation and sensibility. ConnectUs removes the need for physically printed copies of documents like complaints and grievances forms, or sign-up forms, or certain medical documentation. Inmates can file a form from a station and monitor its progress over time. There’s no need for an employee to waste five or ten minutes on it.

What’s more, with ConnectUs, administrators can ensure the highest levels of security surround their inmates’ use of the platform. Access privileges can be granted or restricted, and complete customization of applications is available. Regardless of the facility, things can be put together as fits aesthetic or operational protocols. Inmates get more access to applications than they’ve ever had before, and those running operations have more secure control. Additionally, the costs for storing, filing, and dealing with paperwork diminish substantially.

With over 2,600 corrective facilities in their constituency, the full implementation of this technology will definitely save hundreds of thousands–maybe even millions–of dollars in the coming years. Consolidated budgets produce rehabilitative options previously unavailable, and there will very likely be money consolidated via ConnectUs Automated Forms. The collateral benefits of Securus’ new technology could be pretty big.

Securus Upgrades It Big Data Technology To The Most Advanced Level

Secures is a leader when it comes to providing civil and criminal justice with technology solutions that guarantee public safety, correction, investigation, and monitoring. The company announced on PR Newswire that it had released THREADS 3.1, is the most advanced and cohesive when it comes to using sig data for analysis in the United States correction market.

Securus Technologies is located in Dallas Texas. It serves more than 3,450 public safety agencies, correction and law enforcement agencies. In North America, over 1.2 million inmates hinge on Securus for technology. The company has always been committed to serving and connecting people through provision of emergency response, management of information, the public information, conducting investigation, incident management, biometric analysis, communication, inmate self-service, and inspection of products and also services to ensure that the world we live in is safe for everyone. Securus has more to offer and plenty of information about the criminal sphere.

The new redesigned cornerstone Investigative Solutions upgrades the user interface to fit the most recent web based technologies and still providing the same powerful analysis which Securus customers have become familiarized to. The new design will make THREADS easy to use and also improve the system performance. The user interface has been streamlined to remove any needless system actions to record loading, mend navigation, the search function does eliminate redundancy in the system operations and sensitive navigation. Kelly Solid, the General Manager of Securus that the result of the finished product will increase the performance and improve the user experience.

The software has been upgraded from Silverlight to the HTML 5 platform and will allow direct integration with other products from Securus. Securus took the time to develop the software tool. Investigators will only require very little training to get actionable intelligence and focused lead.

The new THREADS 3.1 technology has now upgraded Securus solutions to platinum level and all the existing customers will get the upgrade free.

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