The Modern Medical Approach of Panos Gikas

In order to be a top class doctor in the modern economic climate, an individual needs to display several natural characteristics. It requires someone to be charismatic, a quick learner, and above all have a well rounded skill set. Dr. Panos Gikas is based out of London where he works with clients on hip replacement and minimally invasive surgery. He boasts having a long resume from working at several locations to teaching on the side. The impact he has in the local medical community has far reaching influences on others. In a recent article geeks news, Dr. Panos Gikas expands on the approach to his professional career.

Over the last few years, the demand for hip replacement surgeries has increased substantially. This is likely because of the recent trend in obesity information becoming more accessible to the average individual. However, the age of the average is patient is also decreasing. He finds children are becoming obese by age 10 at a faster rate than ever before. Since the number of individuals seeking treatment has risen, this has to an increased demand for specific specialists like Dr. Panos Gikas. The industry is booming right now, and all signs point to this type of procedure becoming a common choice among patients.

Dr. Panos Gikas is a man of many skills. Another common procedure he can perform are knee anatomy and knee replacements. The Knee is a complex part of the part, but one that is essential for everyday life. The joint is designed for max mobility and durability. However, an accidental event can brake a piece or place too much stress on a single area. Dr. Panos Gikas is specialized in the Arthroscopy surgery, where a cut made near the joint and a camera in placed inside. This is designed to locate the issue and determine the best course of action for healing. While not a life threatening surgery, it does make individuals realize just how fragile our body is built.

Outside of these delicate surgery operations, Dr. Panos Gikas puts most of operational emphasis on minimally invasive surgeries. These are short-term operations designed to be smooth, painless, and have little to no hospital stay afterwards. He enjoys being able to help patients as best he can. The operations often involve making small cut and placing cameras inside to access the situation for a more precise operation. Dr. Panos Gikas has been a very vocal individual about the needs of individuals to take care of their body. It helps people live longer, and reduces the amount of appointments that are called in to his office. See his expertise skills here

Dr. Panos Gikas is not only famous in the office, but also in his side ventures. He frequently teaches his peers in operational techniques and presents the newest research. At the same time, he regularly writes publications for various academic journals and health information sources. He holds his credentials proud and brings high honor to his medical position. He embodies all the value of a modern doctor.

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Health Blog re-cap

Dieting is difficult for most people. Keeping track of calories is much easier when we cook all our meals. But what about dining out? There will inevitably be occasions where you have to grab a quick bite at a convenience store or fast food restaurant. It could be due to a busy work schedule or too many extracurricular activities. Finding time to cook and pack a lunch every single workday is unrealistic for most of us. In addition, Americans generally eat out quite frequently. About one-third of all the calories we consume are from food and drinks outside the home, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


Many of us eat out for celebratory occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. How do we choose from what’s listed on the menu? The majority of us pick one of our favorite foods without further thought. But people that are health conscious can benefit from the inclusion of details about calories and nutrition. Good news! Chain restaurants and eateries with 20 or more locations are now providing that information to their customers. The amount of calories in each food product or meal must be listed on the menu or menu board because of new FDA rules. The information provided is an estimate, but it simplifies the decision-making process for health-conscious diners.


There are certain foods that are obviously unhealthy or fatty. Everyone loves a good burger and fries dripping with condiments or a side of macaroni and cheese. Although delicious, these foods are not the healthiest. A healthier choice can be a salad or vegetables with grilled chicken or fish. Condiments and dressings can be fattening and unhealthy, so you have to be careful of their consumption as well. The FDA rule allows you to inquire about other ingredients in your food, such as saturated fat, trans fat, and sodium. Businesses must provide this information upon request.


The creation of Herbalife was ahead of its time. The originator, Mark Hughes, started the company with his mother in mind. She was overweight and had an eating disorder. She passed away at a young age as a result. Mr. Hughes started Herbalife with the creation of a nutritious protein shake. This shake was formulated for use as a weight loss aid. Mr. Hughes wanted to devise a healthier approach to weight loss. The company grew by leaps and bounds. Herbalife kept expanding its reach worldwide and increasing sales in countries like Japan and Spain. The company was doing business in 33 countries by 1996. Herbalife was acquired by J.H. Whitney & Company and Golden Gate Capital for $685 million in 2002 after the death of its founder in 2000. The company changed their name to Herbalife Nutrition Ltd. on April 25, 2018.


What Does Nutrisystem For Men Entail?

Some men simply don’t have enough time on their hands to spend hours in the gym working out. Others, despite having the time, are simply not up to the sweaty challenge. Workouts aside, dieting is not such an enticing proposition for many men either. The tedious task of keeping track of the calories in their diet is simply too much of a hustle.

With packed schedules, or simply without the motivation to put so much effort into fitness and healthy diets, men are left with few alternatives. That is why Nutrisystem is a godsend for these men – it is affordable, effective, and easy to use. Losing weight and leading healthier lives is so easy with this diet program.

Nutrisystem Meal Delivery Plans
Nutrisystem delivers ready meals that don’t even need to be refrigerated. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about portion control and calorie requirements because that is already considered before the meals are delivered.

So, however, busy you are, these meals will still be a huge convenience. It also takes away the issue of having to decide what meal to eat at a particular time since you will have plenty of choices to work with while using Nutrisystem.

Nutrisystem Leads to Faster Weight Loss for Men
Men have an upper hand when it comes to losing weight because they lose it much faster. This adds to the effectiveness of the Nutrisystem weight loss diets considerably, making it an obvious choice for men who want to lose excess weight.

For one, men have a higher metabolism due to the greater amount of muscle in their bodies. A higher metabolic rate means a faster calorie consumption rate; which translates into faster weight loss.

Consequently, you just have to eat the right diet foods and watch as the pounds melt away. You might even find yourself eating bigger portions than you did with other weight loss diets and still lose weight; without spending any time in the gym.

Women’s bodies are predisposed to storing fat due to the higher levels of estrogen in their body. The fat is needed for childbearing. Men have a higher amount of testosterone in them, and this hormone promotes muscle development, and muscle uses up more energy, making their bodies less likely to have any excess fat to store up.

In other words, it does not take as much effort to lose weight as a man. That is why a diet like Nutrisystem is such a convenience for men who need to lose weight passively.

Nutrisystem as a Diet Plan for Men
Nutrisystem is well thought out to ensure that it can be used by many kinds of weight watchers. There are meals intended for teens, teens, diabetics, and even people with heart issues. The system also takes into consideration the gender-based dietary requirements of the user.

In particular, men using Nutrisystem foods can eat plenty of food and still consume just 1500 calories a day. With this diet, you should lose about 1 to 2 pounds each week, without a noticeable change to the meal portions you consume.

Nutrisystem Food Choices
Even though it offers healthy foods, Nutrisystem also offers delicious meals that include pancakes, granola cereal, delicious muffins, meatballs and the like.

Nutrisystem’s Lean 13 for Men
Men can lose weight faster with Nutrisystem through its Lean 13 for Men program. The first 7 days of the program (Turbo Takeoff) are designed to make a bigger impact to your weight loss journey by giving you:

– a week of special meals
– a week of protein and probiotic TurboShakes
– a week of NutriCrush, which destroys hunger by giving you fiber that makes you feel fuller

From there, you follow the typical Nutrisystem diet program for men to maintain your weight loss.

You can even lost 13 pounds over the first month with the Lean 13 program. And your journey to a healthier weight can go on from there.

How good is your dog food?

Dog owners in their concern and love for their pets are looking more closely to what goes into the food they feed their dogs. People are moving toward premium foods that are more closely in nature to the foods they choose for themselves. Manufacturers have taken this to heart and offer different foods for each stage in a dog’s life or major concern areas like weight. Within the industry, the regulations on dog food have been tightened since 2007. This is to ensure that ingredients that may be harmful to dogs are kept out of the market.

Purina’s Beneful is very committed to the safety and nutritional value in the dog food that they offer consumers. The ingredients within Beneful are carefully sourced and tested both before production and after production. PurinaStore keeps a tight quality control of the source ingredients and the finished product. Dog health and well-being is a primary concern to the point that they have several Ph.D. in animal nutrition working to make sure that Beneful is good for a dog’s health and well-being.

The sales and production of premium dog food has soared because of this concern for pets having food that is a quality product and nutritious. According to Giammona (2015) this has caused premium dog foods to account for more than half of the market. This is triggering all pet food manufacturers to step things up and provide healthier offerings to meet the growing needs of consumers who are looking for the best foods for their pets.

Beneful’s Nutrition Research team works to ensure that everything within their product is there for a reason. This team includes immunologists, nutritionists, and biochemists so that they fully understand how the nutrients function in the body and the roles they play. The quality and care that is put into the production of Beneful is because these same people feed Beneful to their own dogs.


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