Jon Urbana’s Charity Fundraising Hits a New Level

Those who are connected into the world of lacrosse will know of the massive amounts of success of Jon Urbana at Next Level Lacrosse Camp. He has not only been a great figurehead in the world of lacrosse, but also in the world of internet business. There are many individuals that have achieved a great deal of success in the world of sports, but it is hard to also reach this same level of success in business as well. Jon Urbana had a great run in the world of Villanova lacrosse and created a great legacy in aviation that will live on for years to come.

Jon Urbana has recently started a Crowdrise campaign that is fundraising for charity. This money will go to the protection and adoption of animals without a home. Jon Urbana belies in helping animals that don’t have a voice for themselves. This is something that brings Jon Urbana a great sense of meaning and happiness, and the aim of these videos.

Jon Urbana has been for many years running his lacrosse summer camp successfully. He has been spreading the word of this fundraising opporutnity through his Facebook profile and summer camp, and is now reaching out to many other individuals on Slideshare to help in this cause.

The good that has been brought to the world from Jon Urbana’s music is great and vast. It is amazing to see how a profssional lacrosse player is able to transcend his role as an athlete and become a mentor for many in the younger generation. This legacy that Jon Urbana is leaving behind will not be forgotten by the many that have benefited from his great teaching and role model position. Follow him on Twitter at @jonurbana1 to help him meet his fundraising goal.

Marcio Alaor BMG Honored For Contributing To Hometown

According to an article in, Food Court Marcio Alaor opened its doors for business in the latter part of August 2014, during the 33rd Agricultural Exhibition of Santo Antonio do Monte. The square was named Alaor’s honor for all the good he has done for the San Antonio do Monte community. Alaor is a popular BMG band manager who is renowned for helping his city and its citizens. A plate was engraved for the square that thanked Alaor and highlighted some his successful endeavors.

Major politicians and local authorities attended the inauguration and gave speeches that honors the business efforts that Alaor has done for his home town. They impressed the importance of the event and thanks him personally. Alaor responded in a speech of how he appreciated such accolades and how they were all striving to see the city grow and prosper.

One of the speakers was Luis Antonio Resende, who offered his gratitude to Alaor on behalf of the many countryside people who worked on the Exhibition Center. Resende praised Alaor for his personality and his attention to the many problems of the city. Resende also honored him for having a true heart to help the city, and did not expect personal political favors or gain.

Another speaker, former mayor Wilmar Son, stated that this year’s exhibition was a perfect time to unveil the new food court. The city demolished a grain warehouse that had previously been on the property and built the food court. Son likened the food court to Alaor’s ambition to feed the hopes and dreams of his fellow residents. Son also gave the crowd a little of Alaor’s background as a shoeshine boy who worked his way up to being the Vice President of BMG Bank. It was a story of inspiration for everyone.

When Alaor had his chance to speak, he told about his humble beginnings and how he worked to where he is today. He said that his family and friends were more important than money was and he thanked them all for his success. He humbly accepted the honors and said that most people only get such respect after they have passed. He reiterated his love for Santo Antonio do Monte and pledged his continued support for the city.