Skout and then get back in the game.

I have to admit, my world had gotten smaller as I got older. I lost many of my friends throughout the years from various ailments that they could not overcome. Some of these friends I had for thirty years or more before their untimely passing. In school, we were always the popular group, but life happens, and people move on. However, I really was not the move on type. I loved my friends, and I am sorely missing them. Life to me just is not fun at this stage. I never imagined my life without them, so now I have no plans that I feel are worth pursuing without them. I am not upset with this, and in some ways, I relish the thought of starting over, but this is a new world and adapting to the way that people meet these days is hard for me. I have had one relationship since my wife died, and it was not very fulfilling at all.

I waited until I felt the tug of loneliness before I dated again after my wife’s passing, so it took me almost five years after she was gone to enter that relationship. However, I found that I was dating a person that I barely knew. It was like going through the motions because I was lonely and not because I was genuinely interested in that person. This relationship lasted a while because both of us were lonely, and I did appreciate the company, but the relationship ended because of this lack of commonality. It was a shame for me because I felt that if we had time to get to know each other without having to pretend that we were happy in a relationship, we had a real chance of making it as a couple. It was just awkward with both of us being out of relationships for so long that it was bound to not work. I know it would have worked out because we are still good friends, I just wished that the friendship part would have come first.

One of my last remaining good buddies found a perfect match for himself. She is a very dynamic person, so I understand why he is so happy. Women always loved Jeff, so I thought that it was just him being himself, but after we talked, I understood differently. Jeff had actually met his wonderful companion via a digital app, Skout. I had been keeping away from dating sites due to the crazy reports that I was receiving from acquaintances that utilized dating sites. Additionally, most of these guys were petty and crass, so I figured that if they could find dates via these sites that I should not bother because the type of women that would accept these guys are certainly not my type. However, Jeff was talking about the Skout dating app. It is completely different because it has a great social media component, and people are delignated by peer groups. I dove right in.