Investing Banking and Martin Lustgarten’s Success

When you start to think about the current financial situation, there are literally questions that pop up each and every day. The fact of the matter is we live in a society that is becoming more complex than ever, and when you consider the actual way that trading occurs, it is becoming more technical than people can even understand. That is why when you are thinking about trading you may be able to go it alone and invest all by yourself. However, while some individuals do have success, the best option would be to consider working with the professionals who do it each and every day. Those professionals are investment bankers and the reason is they have access to so many different markets.

One of the top investment bankers within the financial sector is Martin Lustgarten. Not only has Martin Lustgarten started to make a name for himself because of his financial abilities in the business and operational realm of investing, but he has also started to make a name for himself because of his overall leadership. When you have someone who can do as much as Martin Lustgarten does in a given day but also be able to produce the ending results that people are looking for, then it makes sense why he is having as much success as he does.

Martin Lustgarten absolutely understands the world of finance. Investment strategies are not a problem and dealing with clients and markets alike are easy for him. However, it is about more than just the wealth management for Martin Lustgarten; it is about making sure that sound decisions are made in all areas of life and in all areas of the operation. When it comes to mentoring others (including clients), Martin Lustgarten is the person that has helped out countless individuals to better understand finance and business in general.

At the end of the day, you need to consider what it is you are really looking for when it comes to investment assistance. If you want to work with someone who truly understands what is best and who wants a long term relationship over short term profits, then Martin Lustgarten is the advisor for you.

Richard Blair Of Wealth Solutions Sheds Light On Life Insurance Types

Purchasing life insurance is often the first investment head of households make, but according to Richard Blair, Executive Director of Wealth Solutions, you many not select the right type. Of all the estate planning tools available, life insurance is the most flexible. Not only does it replace a financial loss resulting from death, but there are several advantages to buying a life insurance policy. “It can help with settlement purposes, and it can also be an opportunity to save for tax-deferred capital,” says Blair. Life insurance offers secure liquidity, and individuals can consider the key principal types.

1. Term Insurance. This insurance is temporary for a given period, such as 10, 15, or 30 years. You pay a fixed premium for its term, and if there’s no death during that period, you’ll get a renewal option. The premium typically rises, but term insurance requires the least amount of cash payments. It’s cheap insurance for a useful solution.

2. Whole Life Insurance. Generally, this insurance is divided into two parts: life risk protection and investment. The protection represents insurance to cover you in case of death. The investment represents your savings account in the policy, and creates a cash value. During the initial years after opening this type of policy, your premium goes toward fees, and over time the cash value increases, thus a larger share of the premium is added to the cash value.

3. Variable Universal Survivorship Life. This is a hybrid protection policy, packaged with stock investments that provide control and flexibility and tax advantages, and geared towards couples. The advantages include, insuring two lives, pays benefits upon second death, and builds cash value. It also offers flexible premium payments. Now, the market value will often fluctuate with market conditions.

How much life insurance and what kind of policy you purchase can be perplexing for most people, but it all comes down to your needs. The only realistic way to arrive at how much life insurance you’ll require is to assess that question in terms of what your dependents will require. The amount and kind of insurance you select should be sufficient to cover any deficiencies.

Providing Effective Financial Planning

Registered and certified financial planner, Richard Blair is the Executive Director of Wealth Solutions. For over 23 years, Blair has advised clients in designing the necessary documents to plan their future. Blair’ experience includes well thought out approaches to building a nest egg, while keeping tax benefits in mind. His philosophy stems from the basic tenets of proper asset allocation and diversification, and his diverse financial knowledge continues to be invaluable to his clients.

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