Getting up Close and personal with Clay Hutson, an Exemplary Sound Engineer

Clay Hutson has made quite a name for himself as a sound engineer. He is recognized by many people in the music circles and especially where live performances are concerned because of his passion in making sure that anyone he works with goes on stage and delivers an unrivaled live performance. A hard worker by nature, Clay has been known to work as much as 24 hours at a go, which stems from the experience he had early on in his career when he had to play the role of a jack of all trades. Clay Hutson eventually picked up the path of an entrepreneur and has created a massively successful entertainment production company. Here is a summary of the one on one he gave about his career, company and what motivates his vision.

When asked how the idea to start the company was born, Clay states that he had already amassed a large amount of knowledge in his field of sound engineering. He felt that there was no better way to share this wealth of information with the others around him than to venture into live entertainment. He adds that it was a not challenging because the economic season was tough but he is happy he leaped.

When asked how he spends a typical day, Clay stated that it depends on the project he is working on. He added that he was currently working on Kid Rock and that his day started at 6.30 in the morning and involved a lot of planning especially to do lists for the crew.

When asked how he brings his ideas into life, he stated that what helps him the most about the world of sound engineering is that he has an understanding of the things that work, and those that do not work. He, therefore, bases all his designs around these concepts, and everything falls into place after that.

Clay Hutson states that his ability to visualize his stage ahead of time is the one quality which has helped him amass success in his field. He feels that the best thing an entrepreneur can do is work hard and protect their brand from any deals which could ruin their name.

Ryan Seacrest’s Successful Career in the Media and His Philanthropic Efforts

Ryan Seacrest is a professional media personality who holds important positions in the national radio and local radio as well as cable and broadcast television. On the radio, Ryan hosts a nationally syndicated radio program known as Top 40 as well as “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” show for iHeart Media on 102.7 KIIS-FM. His latest achievement in the media is joining the Emmy-winning team as a permanent co-host with Kelly Ripa at “Live.”

Ryan is also the executive producer and the host of “E! Live from the Red Carpet” and New Year’s Eve annual program on ABC, “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest” award shows. In 2006, he launched Ryan Seacrest Productions, an initiative that runs various reality TV shows, including It’s complicated, Khloe & Lamar, and Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

The company also produced Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, an Emmy award-winning reality show. Furthermore, Ryan Seacrest Productions also produces Insatiable for Netflix and Shades of Blue, a popular NBC drama starring Jennifer Lopez. In 2002, Ryan started co-hosting American Idol, a singing competition series which aired on Fox until 2016. As this iconic music competition returns to ABC, Ryan is hosting it in spring 2018.

Ryan Seacrest’s inspiration comes from the entrepreneurial interests that have enabled him to work with different entertainment and media corporations. He has a flourishing lifestyle business, which includes sold exclusively at Macy’s, Ryan Seacrest Distinction, a men’s wear collection and a line of men skin care products. Ryan has ongoing endorsement relationships with high-end brands including Ford and Coca-cola among others.

Ryan Seacrest is also involved in philanthropic work, and most of his efforts focus on youth-oriented programs. These programs inspire the youth in education matters and entertainment as well. Some of his charitable efforts include working as the chairperson of Ryan Seacrest Foundation, an organization that has launched ten broadcast media facilities in pediatric hospitals in different cities throughout the country to open up the unlimited realms of media to child patients. Ryan Seacrest also serves the Grammy Foundation’s honorary chair and a board member of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Alex Pall Searches for Identity in Chainsmokers’ New Direction

Alex Pall has been sitting within the mainstream for four years now, and despite all the success he is still trying to find identity amidst the backbeat. Pall is one half of the popular EDM duo the Chainsmokers, rounded out by fellow member Andrew Taggart. Pall and Taggart formed the group in 2012, toiling away for two years before breaking out with their first hit “#Selfie”. They have been on the rise every since, but it has happened so quickly that the duo still is trying to figure out who they are. They have made many discoveries so far, but at the present Pall does not feel their journey is complete. In fact, it may never be complete.

Pall believes that the Chainsmokers are at the point where every album needs to be a cohesive work. “You do not want to produce an album of songs that have nothing to do with each other”, Pall says. For Pall an album has to be a statement of identity, of who they are presently. Presently, the Chainsmokers is a hit EDM duo that pushes the boundaries of EDM. Their music is a mish-mash of indie, hip-hop, pop, and of course dance. Unlike other DJ’s the duo involves themselves heavily in songwriting, ensuring that each song relates to them. Andrew Taggart has also started singing lead vocals, an unheard of quality in EDM groups. Taggart’s singing began with 2016 single, “Closer”, and continues on today. Pall believes it is a step in the correct path for the group, as it enables them to personalize their music all the more.

Any musical group that finds success struggles with relevancy, trying to make their music stand the test of time. For Pall and Taggart, who really want to be considered as artists and not just DJ’s, making their music relevant is their constant struggle. Finding their identity, and allowing who they are to come through their music, is the direction the group wants to go.