Smart Phone App Rally Venture Capitalists to $21 Million in Series B Round

Venture capital and angel money has been courting the Apps for mobile devices tech sector for the latest innovations. Education is now being revolutionized because of the app mobile device development in educational software. ClassDojo is one such app that raised the cash recently because of the promising potential for its ability to connect the parents of students to the classroom so they can learn along with their children. They can also witness first hand by the mobile device, the real time social activities, behavioral interactions and social development of their children. This will certainly render all special calls to parents to come in for talks with the teacher or principal, obsolete.


The one time per semester meeting that teachers and parents were once bound to will no longer be full of odd surprises about the quirky or questionable behavior patterns of their children during class. Parents will now be seeing everything first hand with ongoing remote participation as observers. It is easy to see why such high hopes and heavy investment in this app took place. Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, the two co-founders of ClassDojo, will be using the capital to expand the development team and push forward with more content innovations and other features to delight and engage the parents further in their Class Dojo App user experience.


Presently, parents are alerted by teachers who can use ClassDojo to schedule activities that invite parents in from their remote locations. The app also enables parents to take and save photos from periods of school all during the day for posting, sharing and distributing. Video can also be taken for sharing of their children’s most recent school assignments and activities involving class participation.


Although there are competitors in the tech market that are developing apps of similar classification and user experiences, ClassDojo is currently the most widely used by teachers in upwards of 85,000 different schools in the United States. Many are in private schools, charter schools and even in the larger public schools. Amazingly, this app is not generating any revenue for its two founding developers. They were quick to add that they will not be selling the private information about their users to the vast market that craves such details for marketing purposes and more. Instead, that “Privacy is a huge concern,” especially for children, developer Liam Don, emphasized how cautiously they would move forward. The two developers say they do believe they can develop the app with premium features that parents will be glad to pay for.


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