Healthy Food for Your Dog

We all want the best for those we love, including the four legged members of our families. New innovations in healthy food explains the surge in premium dog food sales. The $23.7 billion pet food industry now has foods specifically created for any dog.

With natural, organic and refrigerated foods available, it is a new eat like your owner strategy. Some of these gourmet dog foods look and smell almost as good as the food on our own dining room tables. Dog food companies are trying to come up with the latest innovation that dog owners just can not live without.
One traditional brand that is stepping up in the face of competition from gourmet dog food producers is Beneful. Beneful, from Purina, is a nutritious dog food for happy, healthy pets. PurinaStore meets or exceeds every FDA, USDA, and AAFCO requirement so you can be confident feeding your dog Beneful.
There is a Beneful product on Wal-Mart for every dog. They have eight choices of dry dog food, including Puppy, Healthy Weight, and two Incredibites varieties for small breeds. If you prefer to feed man’s (or woman’s) best friend a wet food, there is four choices in various flavors.
At a loss as to which food is right for your dog with all the brands, types and ingredients? It can be a bit overwhelming. Most pet food companies have easy to navigate websites to help. Check their Youtube Channel out (, do your research and know you are giving your dog exactly what he needs.

All Five Of My Dogs Eat Beneful Regularly

I have five dogs that live in my house, and I’m not kidding when I tell you that it’s like a party in my home every day. I love my dogs tremendously, but it can be quite difficult to take care of so many dogs at once. I said that after I got my second dog I would be finished with purchasing dogs, but I ended up getting three more. I honestly can’t say I’m done with buying more dogs, but for now, I’m content with my five dogs. Every single day is a challenge when it comes to getting the dogs to do what they are supposed to. I have a puppy, and he gives me the most trouble. The puppy was given to me when he was slightly malnourished, and I’ve had to buy the best food for him, just to make sure that gains the weight that he needs to. I chose to buy Beneful out of every other dog food out there, and it’s because of the fact that Beneful has a high-quality dog food just for puppies. Since I started feeding my puppy Beneful, he’s gained enough weight to where he no longer has to go in for monthly veterinarian visits. I have a dog that is slightly older than the puppy, but he’s a year old. That dog is well-nourished, and I can feed him any brand of Beneful that I choose. My other three dogs are different breeds, but they are around the same age, and this makes it much easier when I’m feeding the last three dogs. I feed the two smaller dogs puppy food, but the other three dogs will get any kind of Beneful that they want. I have really stocked my home with many kinds of Beneful, and it costs me a small fortune on Petco. Beneful is a very well made dog food, and the protein and nutrients in the food help keep my dogs full and satisfied every time they eat. I was purchasing a different dog food before, but I noticed that the dogs were craving extra amounts of foods throughout the day. After switching to Beneful brand foods for the older dogs, I began having fewer problems with the dogs eating numerous times a day. Another thing that I enjoy doing is taking the dogs for a walk. The dogs have massive amounts of energy because they eat Beneful on a daily basis. I can’t just take one dog on a walk at a time, all five of them have to go out once. The dogs tend to get jealous if I showered one dog with more attention than the others, so I try my best to give each dog the special attention they need. My husband doesn’t deal with the dogs as much as I do, but he does help out some. I have really paid a lot of attention to the health of my dogs by taking them to regular vet visits and feeding them Beneful.