Healthy and Energetic Lifestyles for Dogs: Choose From 4 Beneful Dog Food Varieties

Choosing nutritious foods for pets helps to keep them healthy and active during a long life just like humans. Beneful dog foods by Nestle Purinastore provides detailed labels that list whole food vegetables, grains and meat products that meet and exceed nutritional needs. Check out these 4 top choices:
1. Beneful Baked Delights Snackers

Dogs are easy to train when these rewards and tasty treats are offered for the successful completion of various instructions. Hiking expeditions and wilderness adventures are safer with a furry companion scouting the perimeter. This is a perfect time for a puppy thank-you snack. Always carry extras.

This premium product is available in pouches with peanut butter and cheese flavors. Dried carrots that are high in potassium make this one a baked favorite. Proper nutrition helps fight disease, and that means less visits to the vet.

Dogs need adequate vitamins and minerals daily just like humans in order to repair and build strong heart muscle. Any pet emergency kit or bug-out bag that contains treats helps a dog cope better with unexpected concerns that require temporary relocations.

2. Beneful Healthy Weight Meal

A less-active, adult dog still requires meals that are full of balanced nutrition. This variety contains real chicken in tender bites. As part of a purposeful new recipe line, it’s packed with the nutrients every dog needs. Additionally, dried carrots and green beans provide vitamins and minerals for energy.

3. Beneful Originals

This exciting meal is available with real salmon, chicken or beef, and the omega-rich ingredients are sure to help produce a shiny coat for Fido. The dried sweet potato content is high in vitamin C to strengthen the blood vessel walls of the heart; ultimately, this vitamin also promotes immune, joint and bone health.

Beneful Healthy Puppy

Fast-growing young dogs need the calcium-rich ingredients in this meal in order to produce strong bones and teeth. Vitamin B-12 is supplied for maintaining strong nerves, healthy brain matter and good vision. Puppies love the taste.

Beneful dog foods supply everything pets need for a long and healthy life, and the variety makes every dinner joyful. For more info, please visit the website:

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