A Fresh Take on Dog Food

There appears to be a movement going on all across the word towards a healthier lifestyle. More and more people are making a conscious effort to become healthier beings and their families are being included in this journey. Fresh natural food for the family is a tremendous aspect of the movement. The family pet has not been exempt from this, after all, they are part of the family as well. Countless families are now taking considerable measures to be sure that their animal family member is receiving just as good, fresh and nutritious food as everyone else in the household.

This movement has dog food companies rethinking their traditional views on dog food and becoming more mindful of the ingredients that go into their dog food products. According to the Daily Herald, Wall Street is skeptical of the success of companies jumping into this movement. Many are using fresh chicken and beef, which can be costly, along with high-quality grains to create masterpieces which no longer emit that loathsome smell of dog food. With flavors like lasagna and beef stroganoff, the aroma is more like a gourmet dinner than a bowl of animal food. Some even say the taste is close to something we would eat as humans.

Big companies, like Beneful, have implemented these new ideas into their company. The company has introduced new, intriguing flavors such as Tuscan Style Medley and Savory Rice and Lamb Stew.Beneful has even gone as far to allow Purinastore customers to design their own dog food using their website. The company uses experts like Kevin, who has extensive knowledge in the farming industry, to be sure that they only use the best when choosing ingredients for their pet food.

In addition to providing appetizing food, Beneful also pays close attention to nutrition. With the creation of high-quality food designed for weight loss and separate recipes for older dogs, Beneful is ahead of the ball when it comes to providing high-quality nutritious food. The company also keeps a team of experts and nutritionist on staff to ensure Beneful keeps to their promise of high quality, delectable healthy food.