The Ever So Sublime Lime Crime

Lime Crime make-up brand caters to those who dare to be daring. With colors that pop and glittery glam, you’re sure to light up any room with a boom. Created by fashion mogul Doe Deere, Lime Crime has been lighting up the stage for almost ten years. A brand that is based in Los Angeles, California, this make-up is inspired by the ever so colorful and dreamy landscape of the city.

About the Beauty Brand:

The brand isn’t just about make up, it’s all about the individual wearing it. Doe Deere believes that each person is unique, and she feels that everyone should live up to their dreams. She also believes that everyone should be as bold and brave as they dream, and this is reflected in the bright popping color schemes.

Vegan and cruelty free, this makeup is animal friendly. In addition, the brand encourages diversity. Boys and girls are encouraged to give the colors a whirl, and individuality is praised. That means that while you’re loving nature, you can love yourself. Essentially, this is a feel good company- a brand that emphasizes catharsis and self-actualization through self expression.

Seeing Make-Up as an Experience:

Doe Deere emphasizes the experience of buying and applying make-up, and not just the aesthetic of the product itself. She feels that the process begins with the packaging and ends with enjoying the application. Each package is designed with the user in mind, and those who smooth on the lipstick can do so with joy.

Also, the company stresses the value of the customers. Take one look at the website, and you can see that it is filled with pictures of lovely girls and boys rocking the brand. In addition, this brand is interactive. Doe loves her fans, and you can easily catch her on Instagram. Don’t be surprised if you get a heart-warming response.