Who Else Wants To Enjoy Future Wealth? Ted Bauman Answers!

It’s over a decade since the wave of the last global recession thrust nations into their darkest epoch. The trauma is still extant for many citizens and recovery means exercising extreme measures to fail-safe assets. Who else to ask for advice on disaster-proofing assets, but wealth protection management guru, Ted Bauman, Banyan Hill Publishing chief editor/writer. At Banyan Hill, he hosts three blogs, including his daily financial newsletter series “The Bauman Letter.” Bauman recommendations come from real-world experience and knowledge, having developed an eclectic background throughout his travels. With his rich professional profile, he’s erudite in all matters relating to low-risk investments, privacy, asset protection, and international migration. The UTC (University of Cape Town) graduate holds respective Masters in History and Economics.

Today, Ted Bauman strives to educate everyone about becoming smarter investors and safeguarding their wealth against future disaster. While conventional financial institutions do offer some safe options to store money and valuables, it’s not without risks, Bauman explains. He further suggests any of the following five options to securely put assets and valuables away for future access. The first being a high-security home lockbox or custom safe. Bauman stresses the need to choose one that is waterproof and fireproof. He’s well aware of the risk involved with storing money and/or valuable possessions at home. Consequently, he recommends that one finds a secure storage location for the lockbox or safe. It’s also paramount to avoid putting all assets or belongings in one location.

Ted Bauman also finds foreign-protected vaults highly secure for wealth protection. He’s positively optimistic about foreign nations like Austria, Switzerland, and Singapore that provide first-rate asset protection facilities to secure valuables. The cost is exorbitant for such services, but it does give the account owner solace knowing his or her assets are safe. The foreign countries that offer independent vault storage require account holders to establish a contract in person. However, New Zealand allows them to open an account remotely. In these territories, IRS or government regulations are powerless because FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) protects client accounts.

The U.S. offer independent vault services to store valuables as well. While it’s another sound option Bauman recommends, he advises it’s not totally protected from invasion. Should the courts find a reason to investigate, this private organization cannot deny access. Rest assured, Ted Bauman also sees promise in using foreign banks, safe-deposit box service. The laws protecting such services vary from one country to another. Switzerland, for instance, shields client accounts from confiscation. Unfortunately, American safe-deposit box services don’t offer such protection. Although FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) doesn’t provide coverage for this particular service, Ted Bauman still encourages the idea.

Here’s How the Bull Market Dies

5 Reasons Why Hyland’s Teething Tablets are a Game Changer

Hyland’s Teething Tablets have recorded one of the best sales reviews in the recent past. However, this record is because of a couple of reasons. First, the world has been moving to a path of natural products. According to the studies done in the last five decades, natural products are safer to use compared to synthetic products. This scientific reality points to the reason why Hyland’s products have received that kind of traffic and good reviews as seen here https://www.influenster.com/reviews/hylands-baby-teething-tablets. In addition to ingredients of this company being natural, the efficiency of these products is unmatched, and the combination of natural ingredients with efficiency makes these teething tablets the best alternative.

Second, Hyland’s Teething Tablets have one of the easiest intake procedure. Children, unlike adults, are complex when it comes to medicine intake and with this product, parents do not have to worry about the intake process. The teething tablets are consistent with the children expectation in terms of taste, and more importantly, they dissolve faster. Thirdly, Hyland’s Teething Tablets have met all regulations requirements. It means that the tablets are safe for babies and the safety aspect is one of the assurance parents want to have before administering any medicine. Finally, this product is the best combination of ingredients that makes the tablet relieve pain more effectively and faster.

In addition to being one of the best products in this particular market, Hyland’s Teething Tablets are a product of more than one century. It means therefore that the tablets are consistent with the company’s tradition, which is one of the grandest in the medical world. Apart from making some of the best products in the last 105 years, the company has also become the reference point for quality products and integrity while making these products. Since the company has always concentrated on children products, Hyland’s Teething Tablets are a product of a process full of care.

Finally, these tablets are products of research. Hyland’s is a company that in the last 105 years has invested in research. All the products, including these teething tablets, are because of research. Research according to the management of this company has helped them to create products that are not only efficient but also customized to specific needs. See the company’s history here.

Southridge Capital and the Growth of Small and Medium Startups

Stephen Hicks, who is the founder of Southridge Capital, can be said to be living in his dream. The experienced financial expert was starting this company with the aim of assisting small organizations to meet their financial needs through multiple strategies that are available in the industry. The company used to analyze a significant number of monetary policies before assisting the company in selecting a plan that would support it both in short and long run.


Hicks can be said to have already achieved his intended purpose of helping small businesses establish themselves in the market and continue with their operations without interference. A significant number of small organizations in the industry owe their success stories to Southridge Capital. The financial organization has helped such companies at any stage of their developed by always ensuring that they make the most appropriate decision which makes them move in the right direction.


The experienced financial expert, Stephen Hicks, had the vision of creating a business organization that would create one of the leading and reliable direct investment organizations in the industry. Southridge Capital has not only proven to be a leading and dependable entity when it comes to direct investment, but it is becoming a force to reckon with in the financial advisory industry. The company is proving to be pinpoint in its advisory services such that all the clients continue to rely on the company for financial progress.


Data from the archives of Southridge Capital show that more than two hundred and fifty organizations continue to benefit from the management strategies that were suggested to them by the management and professionals at the hedge organization. The fact that most of the benefiting organizations can be termed as small and medium entities is a clear illustration that the company is intending to grow with startup organizations.


Southridge Capital, which has operated in Connecticut for a significant number of years is growing together with its clients. The hedge company has now moved to other areas around the country where it will be offering sound and reliable financial strategies that will help a significant number of organizations to move forward. To see more visit citybizlist.com



Visit: https://ideamensch.com/stephen-hicks/


Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides: Leaders at InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare is a leading healthcare services provider in the United States. It is known for providing health care insurance in Puerto Rico to over 200,000 people. The company has a subsidiary known as MMM Healthcare Inc. which offers the same health insurance on the mainland. InnovaCare embraces Medicaid and Medicare plans. The leadership of the company has played a significant role in the development if the company into one of the top companies in the country. The CEO is known as Rick Shinto, and Chief Administrative Officer Penelope Kokkinides assist him.


InnovaCare prioritizes the needs of the patients, and that is why they are looking for the best ways of helping them. The company is committed to providing the best treatment plans. In Puerto Rico, the company is all about offering value-based plans. The leadership team in this company is determined to provide the best services they can afford to the people. The company is also dedicated to offering cost-effective services that are quality-based. The team leading InnovaCare has a cumulative experience of over 120 years. The CEO and CAO each have experience of over 120 years. InnovaCare Health was first set up in 2003, and since then, it has expanded its services a lot. Although it was formed in 2003, it had to wait until 2012 to start its operations in the right way.


About Richard Shinto


Richard Shinto was previously working as the President and CEO of Aveta Inc. this company was one of the many organizations under the North America Medical Management organization. Before that, he also held the position of Chief medical officer at North American Medical Management California. He also served with Medical Pathways Company as Chief Medical Officer. Rick Shinto holds an MBA from the University of Redlands as well as two medical degrees from the University of California Arvin and the State University of New York. Due to his innovative leadership at InnovaCare, he was the recipient of Ernst &Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2012. He was recognized for providing the best services in New Jersey. For more details visit zoominfo.com


Penelope Kokkinides is the CAO of InnovaCare. She has been working for this company since 2015. She is experienced in the operations of the healthcare sector since she has been in the industry for the past 20 years just like Rick Shinto. She has worked with other organizations in the past such as Aveta Inc. She has a degree in biological sciences from Binghamton University and a master’s degree in social work from New York University. She also added a medical degree in public health from Columbia University. You can visit their Facebook page.


Click here: https://www.zoominfo.com/c/innovacare-health-solutions-llc/399228242



The U.S. Money Reserve Focusing On Customer Service

More and more Americans according to a report by CBS19 are looking to secure their families future with the investment into precious metals. The U.S. Money Reserve provides the public with the best possible platform to make this a reality. Precious metals have indeed never been this attractive as a secure and safe investment for the future. The U.S Money Reserve provides its clients with gold coins, an extensive gold buying guide, certified and graded gold coins, platinum coins, U.S. government gold and silver coins. The only brand according to the goldnewsnetwork and quality precious metal they sell is U.S. government issue and is legal tender.

The U.S Money Reserve is headquartered in Austin Texas and can be found at 6500 River Place Boulevard. They can be contacted via phone under the number (512) 249-5194 or online under usmoneyreserve.com. If the customer has access to other social media platforms be sure to follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter in order to stay up to date on the latest and greatest in the precious metal markets.

The current president of the U.S. Money Reserve, Phillip N. Diehl, who is also the former director of the U.S. Mint understands the value of diversification and the need for a stable and safe form of investment. Being part of the foundation of the current monetary system he knows that paper based currencies are no longer the stable form of investment they were in the past. Turmoil across the globe has seen other currencies destroyed and economies collapse, therefore it is essential that people look for other safer investments like precious metals which have proven to be most stable. The U.S. Money Reserve has helped countless people in the past make the correct decision and choice when it comes to gold, silver and platinum. PR Newswire said these people are in profit positions today thanks to the knowledge and expertise that was imparted on to them by the professional staff at the U.S. Money Reserve.

The new facebook website offers the chance to get detailed information on all the product offerings by the U.S. Money Reserve and if this is not enough all clients have the opportunity to take advantage of the client connect feature which allows the direct communication with an account executive. Put your trust into the hands of the professionals and experience an industry leader at work. Make the correct decision for the future ahead.