Kyle Bass is Successful But Not Ethical

Kyle Bass has made millions of dollars investing. While he has had his ups and downs professional in terms of investments panning out, he has made a good living. However, just because someone makes a good living does not mean what they do is desirable, even if what they do is not against the law. Kyle Bass is the perfect example of this. He has made money and he most likely will continue to find a way to make money, but the way he does it is not desirable and he is actually making money off of the heartbreak and tears of other individuals around the United States. So, while he is successful in his own right, he is not necessarily ethical.

Investment ethics is really up for determination. Some people might just call it business, others might call it disgusting. It just comes down to who you are and what side of the tracks you are own. It can also come down to attitude. If someone is simply making a business decision and that is that, there will be others who understand it. Kyle Bass takes pleasure in what he does though. There are plenty of interviews where he has laughed at how he made money and how he has become successful on the backs of other people.

So, how did all of this come about? Nearly a decade ago, the entire housing market collapsed. There were many people and investors who saw this coming. Just the way mortgage loans were handed out which helped raise the value of prices at a level that simply could not be sustained. Eventually, the variable interest rate loans caught up with people who did not have the money to pay off the loans. They ended up losing their homes and also still owed money on their homes. Millions of people around the United States suddenly found themselves homeless and yet still owning hundreds of thousands of dollars. Kyle Bass swooped in and purchased these subprime loans. Essentially, every single time someone lost their home and still owed money, Kyle made money off of it. The more people suffered financially, the more he gained. All of this resulted in him making millions of dollars while many in the United States struggled just to make ends meet.

Now, it is always important to realize for every action there is a reaction. This is true in the world of investing. When the market goes down in one way, there is a flip side of it. Kyle just happened to make his money off of it and laugh as he did it. Now he is looking to do it again and it is why many just do not like the way he invests.

Living A Hassle-free Life At The Manse On Marsh

People who are in their retirement years suffer from pain and other health related issues at least once in their lives. Some will experience these conditions multiple times. The pain may become excruciating making their everyday life challenging. Being in the middle of a bad health problem can create other issues as well. It can feel difficult to imagine normal life and live it once again.

The Manse on Marsh is an assisted living facility dedicated to seniors and people living with underlying health condition. It is located under the serene environment of San Luis Obispo. The facility is at a close proximity to a wide range of restaurants, malls and other places of interest in this town of beaches. This facility offers its residents a number of things to make their daily task a breeze, such as meals, cleaning service, laundry service, private accommodation, transportation, entertainment and medical care. When seniors are in pain or life brings in anxious moods, it can also be tempting to try nursing homes and other health clinics. For people living at the Manse on Marsh, there is no need to approach such expensive places. Instead, they can avail these features inside the campus itself. The Manse on Marsh has a team that will take care of their medical needs as well.

It is important to understand what options are available at the Manse on Marsh, and a lot of them are outlined in the new commercial. This means understanding what you can expect to find in the facility. When it comes to life after retirement, the reality is that most people will find it non-affordable to live on their own. The Manse on Marsh, on the other hand, will work with each and every residents living here and make sure their needs are met according to their budget. Understanding this fact and many others can influence what options you are prepared to consider. There is a good chance of recovery in this facility than anywhere else if daily tasks are a burden for you. On a similar note, many residents who have lived here for decades consider it their best option for a successful and peaceful life. For most people, there will be no point going anywhere else because the Manse on Marsh has it all under one roof.

The Manse on Marsh is also a facility where one can take advantage of perks offered by the management. For seniors who can’t drive, chauffeurs will be provided. The residents can also make use of library and public offices that are within a short distance from this facility. In essence, the Manse on Marsh is a comprehensive assisted living facility for people in and around San Luis Obispo and a very affordable one as well.  Follow the Manse on Twitter, and they also have a blog that explains everything that’s going on.

Why Doe Deere Is Changing The Makeup World?

Lime Crime is a very well known makeup brand that has been providing people with some very unique products in their cosmetics line. What most people don’t know about the world of makeup is the fact that there is so much growth in makeup, and there are so many new products you can experience. Doe Deere is definitely changing the world of makeup with her unique ideas. She is constantly growing her brand and helping others in the world of makeup with her products. As the creator of this amazing brand, she definitely is helping people look their best.

Why Doe Deere Is Changing The Makeup World?

The main reason why she is truly standing out in this industry is the fact that she is helping people with her ideas constantly. The truth is that Doe has come up with the most innovative colors in her makeup line. Nobody is delivering unique ideas and products than Doe considering she is constantly making changes in the way she is making and crafting products. Her design team and the exceptional people behind everything is what allows her to bring the most stunning visual makeup to this industry. Her development of Lime Crime stemmed from wanting to experience more makeup that had more beautiful colors and more glitter. Lime Crime brings you rebellious makeup at its finest, and they do it with sophisticated designs in their product design.


She has become quite an inspirational woman on storyexchange who has dealt with plenty of trials along her way. Just to get Lime Crime off the ground was a trial in itself. She literally needed to have other people help her out just to begin, and she strived to get it off the ground despite only having a couple hundred bucks to her name. Once the brand was developed, she struggled to be able to handle the criticism that would eventually turn into a great way to showcase her abilities in makeup design. Despite some people giving her tiny criticism, she took it as a way to showcase her growth as a makeup artist and show what she can do.

Why I Love Lime Crime

The number one reason why I love Lime Crime is that they are never predictable with what they give. You are always going to get something out of the ordinary. This is why I love this brand. They know how to showcase different colors and unique ideas, and you can easily see the beauty in the products once you apply them onto yourself.

Lime Crime is also very easy on the skin. With the all natural and cruelty-free makeup colors, you will find that they cannot hurt animals or your face because of all the natural things it has inside. Overall, the brand is one of the best in the industry because of how it is designed. Lime Crime is very simple with its overall design, but when you apply their makeup, expect to look your ultimate best and have your personality shine through.

FreedomPop Gears up for U.K. Launch

FreedomPop has been a stalwart source of affordable phone plans in America since their launch in 2011. The L.A. based tech firm has crafted a business plan that allows them to offer subscribers a completely free phone plan that is competitive with most basic plans, all without any sort of catch or trick. FreedomPop has grown upward and onward for the past three years and now that they’ve hit milestone subscribers in America, the turn will be made toward an international release. Right now CEO Stephen Stokols is gearing up FreedomPop for a launch into the United Kingdom with their flagship program, as reported by The Daily Mail.

The United Kingdom has a pretty competitive mobile phone marketplace right now thanks to a host of affordable basic plans. However, none of these affordable plans can hope to compete with an actually free service. This is where FreedomPop will instantly excel in comparison to other competitive services. FreedomPop offers their core plan completely free to subscribers and new U.K. customers should be ready to get in on the action. The free plan comes with a 200 minute, 200 text, 200 MB of data limit which can be improved upon if the subscriber wishes to expand the plan. FreedomPop is also offering third party surveys that can be completed in exchange for more free data. It’s a slick system that promises to both engage and grow a customer base ready for something new.

Registration for FreedomPop will be done on the internet or via the mobile FreedomPop app for iOS and Android software. The app can be used often after registration in order to monitor data, minute, and text usage as well as allow for upgrades to be handled seamlessly and without any sort of headaches. The first 10,000 users who sign up for the FreedomPop free program will receive a special plan for the first month that includes 1,000 minutes, 1,000 texts, and an entire GB of free data. This is FreedomPop’s way to reward those who make an attempt to get there early for the service.

Stephen Murray and His Contribution to the Growth of CCMP Capital

Stephen Murray is a well-known person in the world of investment as a result of his active involvement in growing Stephen Murray CCMP Capital on crunchbase. The 1962 born American studied economics at Boston University from where he graduated in 1984. He furthered his studies in Columbia Business School from where he earned a master’s degree in business administration. His educational background gave him a niche in the business world.

His career started immediately after his undergraduate studies when he joined Manufacturers Hanover Corporation as a trainee credit analyst in 1984. He continued working for various companies in various positions while exhibiting a high level of expertise in the field of finance and this paid off when he was made the buyout business manager in JPMorgan Partners in the year 2005. His career took a turn in 2006 when he c0-established Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, which was earlier known as JP Morgan Partners and a subsidiary of other companies. Together with others, they were able to make CCMP a stand-alone company.

In 2007, he became the chief executive officer at the company succeeding Jeff Walker. He greatly influenced the success of the company through securing major deals in buyout and equity transactions. His commitment and hard work saw the company start various ventures such as Aramark Company. The company also secured various deals through bids winning over other well established firms such as TPG Capital and Blackstone Group LP. The financial position of the company rose during the tenure of Murray as the chief executive officer where the company raised 3.6 billion funds and also invested more than $100 million.

Murray stepped down as the CEO of CCMP Capital about a month ago citing health problems. His roles were taken over by Mr. Greg Brenneman who is the chairman of the company. Mr. Murray passed on 12th March, 2015 a month after resigning from his position in CCMP. He died at the age of 52 leaving behind his wife and four children.

He was well known for his philanthropic behavior through various donations made to charities and trusts. He was a member in the drive Make a Wish Foundation of Metro New York where he actively gave contributions. He also supported other foundations through contributions such as the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County.

Murray also served in various boards where he gave advice on business and investment. He served in boards of companies such as Aramark, AMC Entertainment, Pinnacle Foods and Generac Power Systems among others.

Highland Capital Management: Living Up To Its Traits

Highland Capital Management promotes itself as being “experienced, disciplined, and bold.” Those are certainly three very important traits a financial management and advisement firm to embody. Anyone hoping to experience financial gain through an affiliation with a firm that does possess these three attributes and at significant levels.

Highland Capital Management provides valuable services, in particular, to those who are interested in credit strategies. The strategies that the firm focuses vary in many different subcategories. One subcategory is distressed private equity. Needless to say, anyone or any company that is dealing with distressed financial assets is going to want to work with a firm with personnel highly experienced in addressing such matters.

Jim Dondero, the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management, embodies the high level of experience offered by the firm. He is a “hands on” executive and oversees many critical operations. His own personal experience in credit markets is vast. Not very many people on linkedin can boast of three decades of credit market experience. James Dondero can. As such, he remains vital to the overall growing success of the company.

The boldness of the company is on display in the $21 billion in assets the company manages. These assets are spread across the globe and managed from various offices. While Highland Capital Management is founded and located in Texas, the company has offices in Brazil, Korea, and Singapore. One could even say this growth is reflective of the third trait, discipline. Growing to lofty heights in the credit management world is not achieved overnight.

Through making extensive management and investment decisions over time, Highland Capital Management has built upon prior accomplishments to rise to its current status. All of the firms many achievements occurred over the course of 20 years. Look for the next 20 years of the firm to be just as impressive.

The host of high-profile clients the firm handles is likely to grow as well. Those with significant assets – be they private individuals, corporations, or even public entities – should consider contacting the firm for assistance and advice. Likely, Highland Capital Management will be able to be of help.